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Many advocates predict that the cannabis industry will grow to more than fifty billion dollars in ten years. The way that things are going, this could be true. Currently, there are 250,000 Americans holding down a full time or part time job in the cannabis industry.

That number is set to grow exponentially and soon more people will have cannabis careers in many cities. In 2018, for example, cannabis job postings saw an increase of 445% inside the cannabis industry. In 2016, that number was only 18%. That is a vast difference in numbers.

It shows that things are going at a fast pace and more people will be assuming cannabis careers. In fact, cannabis careers are taking over the numbers of job openings that were seen in the tech and healthcare industries. We did some research and found some of the hottest cannabis careers that are in demand and so we are sharing these with you; state by state and city by city.

City of Los Angeles

In the city of Los Angeles, California, one of the hottest new cannabis careers is a marijuana experience expert. In West Hollywood, for example, the city is accepting consumption club licenses and for that reason, this location is in dire need of consumers experienced with cannabis.

The ideal candidate should know how to manage a restaurant and create the kind of entertaining atmosphere that helps consumers to enjoy their weed. It is like what a night club promoter or event coordinator does.

The City of San Francisco

If you are a compliance expert, you will find your skills in demand in the city of Francisco. The state of California sells both recreational and medical marijuana. And the recreational weed was recently introduced. Because of that reason, it has created more cannabis careers in the state and specific surrounding cities.

Compliance experts are necessary to work out the semantics related to the new and changing regulations. In addition, the state of California is in the review process of decriminalizing and expunging charges of almost 8.000 felons and people who had been charged with marijuana misdemeanors since 1975. In so doing, compliance experts will be needed to help with this.

The City of Portland, Oregon

If you are an accountant by profession, you can assume one of the cannabis careers needed in the city of Portland, Oregon. Many dispensary owners need this service so they can stay away from tax evasion charges. Several dispensary owners are getting busted each year. Your services will be welcomed.

The City of Seattle, Washington

The City of Seattle, Washington is looking for State Inspectors and this is one of the cannabis careers in demand. In fact, the state is hiring interested people so they can help with the assessment of cannabis companies as it relates to compliance.

The City of Miami, Florida

In the city of Miami, Florida, the state is looking for attorneys and lobbyists to litigate and to work with advocates and regulators of the industry. And so, if you are interested, this is a cool opportunity for you.

The City of Tallahassee, Florida

The city of Tallahassee offers cannabis careers for Patient Care Coordinators or budtenders. This job is for someone with customer service skills and knows the intake process in a marijuana dispensary. There dispensaries are being opened to facilitate patients who use medical marijuana. This has opened up new opportunities for budtenders.

Final Summary

In the city of Denver, Colorado, business strategists are in demand. Denver has more dispensaries being opened; even more than Starbucks. And for that reason, business strategists will be in demand to make sure facilities are still appealing to the customers. The City of Las Vegas, Nevada has already launched “Cannabition,” which is a museum for cannabis and so, there are many cannabis careers and job openings available.

How to get a cannabis job

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