Potential For Cannabis Sales in Maine By 2020

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Cannabis sales in Maine have great potential for 2020. Many enthusiasts in Maine are anticipating good returns on their investments and are pleased that cannabis is providing tax revenue for their location.

Many of these same people may possible be able to buy their favorite cannabis products in cannabis retail stores as early as March 2020.

Recreational cannabis was approved in Maine during the November 2016 election and so voters spoke at the polls and since then the road to legally purchasing marijuana has been a long process and also a challenging one. Let us take a closer look at the process.

The Process

By January 2020, the Office of Marijuana Policy has already begun taking applications since October 2019. The wait has been a little long because of the state trying to finalize all tof the regulations concerning the marijuana laws. In addition, lawmakers were working on issues related to public health and safety; educating the public and trying to figure out how they will be able to license, trace and track marijuana.

The rules and regulations were drafted and had to be discussed by the main characters and decision makers at the Office of Marijuana Policy. There were several changes that needed to be made ahead of allowing cannabis sales in the area. The legislation has now taken effect and for that reason, the Office of Marijuana Policy can not complete the process as it relates to adopting the marijuana regulations.

Of course, the state is going to need some time for the application process. Retailers are also going to need to receive local approvals.

The Roll Out

There needs to be some tweaks to the Marijuana Legislative Act so that the rules can be adopted in a timely manner. This is expected to have already happened or soon to come. For that reason, applications could be in the works before the end of the year. By the middle of March, the state expects to see higher revenues from cannabis sales once the process gets started. Nothing will be concrete until the applications are approved and the rules are being carried out.

The roll out process for cannabis sales might have some hiccups, but it shouldn’t be anything that they cannot get around. One of the people that slowed and opposed the process from rolling out was Governor Paul Lepage. But, he is no longer the governor and so things may be different moving forward.

Public Health and Safety

Another thing that slowed the roll out was the public health and safety process. However, the state is closer to making their decision and reaching a consensus. Many advocates feel that it is a shame that adults cannot enjoy the freedom of buying weed and dispensary owners cannot enjoy cannabis sales, even though weed is legal in the state.

There are several towns and cities already opted into legalized cannabis sales, but the number grows slowly. The new governor of the state, Janet Mills has signed a bill to set the framework of recreational cannabis sales. And so by January 2020, the state should be ready.

The Expectation

In the early months of 2020, most municipalities should be ready to accommodate cannabis sales; even though, not all of them. However, this number is expected to grow. Communities are expected to opt in as soon as they see how much potential cannabis sales has for Maine.

Most of these towns and cities may be waiting on the finishing touches of full marijuana legalization to take place. Cities are also allowed to opt out of permitting cannabis sales and so each location has to do what is best for the communities.

2020 Maine Marijuana Law Update

As of October 2020 there are now numerous places to buy recreational weed in Maine.

Where to buy recreational cannabis in Maine.

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