Best Cannabis Jobs That Involve Direct Handling Of Buds

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What are some of the Best Cannabis Jobs That Involve Direct Handling Of Buds you ask? Have you ever thought about getting one of the ideal cannabis jobs in the industry where you get to handle the actual buds? In this category, you will find cannabis jobs that allow you to work around several forms of weed on a daily basis.

You will work hands-on with the plant and get to be part of the team that ultimately cultivates and harvest so it can reach the marketplace. The overall marijuana industry and businesses are still young since there have been recent legalization and new companies coming on board.

You can start at an entry level or in an advanced capacity, if you have experience and knowledge. Some of these cannabis careers need certain skill sets and credentials. For other cannabis jobs, you only need a little experience or none at all. The pay scale for the cannabis jobs that we have found varies. Some of these jobs are full time while others are part time. Some are entry level and some require more experience. Let’s see where you fit in.

Inspector for Quality Control

The Marijuana Tester is the person that would be known for quality control and testing. This is one of the cannabis jobs that pay between $50K and $100K per year. This position is important to the company because it helps to maintain good quality products that consumers can enjoy. In some instances, the Inspector will be the one to assess quality and enforce certain cultivation rules as it relates to cannabis cultivation. This person might have a background in any of the sciences including biology, chemistry or agronomy.

Edibles Chef

One of the cannabis jobs to consider, if you want to directly handle buds is Edibles Chef. This job pays between $40K and $90K per year. If you are not sure how to embark on this job, it is best to get the proper training. If you already love to bake or cook, then that is a good place to begin. However, when it comes to edibles, you must know the precise dosage to use in your product. Edibles include baked treats, candies, tea, beverage or chocolate.

Master Grower

A master grower is one of those cannabis workers that you cannot do without, if you run a grow operation. This person must be experienced in planting, cultivating and harvesting healthy cannabis plants. The Master Grower could earn a yearly salary of $50K to $120K. The salary also depends whether this is a large or small grow operation and how many years of experience or training the grower has.

The Master Grower will be responsible for pest management, crop nutrition, cloning, technology, planting and even staffing. Most people with an interest in being a Master Grower will often have a background in horticulture or botany.

Dispensary Manager’

Being a Dispensary Manager will allow you to handle buds directly. In fact, this is one of the cannabis jobs that require professionalism, experience, training and an ability to operate a retail business. The salary starts from $40K to $75K per year. There are some dispensary owners that prefer to hire people who have a background and experience in pharmacology. It is not mandatory, but helpful.


One of the most important cannabis jobs where buds are handled very frequently is the budtender. If you want to become a budtender in a marijuana dispensary, it is important to have good customer service skill and experience. You also may need intense training as it relates to the various strains. The Budtender can expect a starting salary of $21K to $40K.

Harvester, Trimmer and Cultivator

The Harvester, Trimmer and Cultivator are three cannabis jobs that touch or handle buds all day long.  The salary starts at $17K to $41K each year. Many people use these cannabis jobs as entry level positions to get into the industry. At least, it is a great place to start.

How To Find a Marijuana Job

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