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Let's look at some of the top cannabis jobs that are high-paying. Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states. Some states have even legalized recreational cannabis and the list of both is growing. For this reason, more people are looking for top cannabis jobs to improve their bottom line and to advance in a career that shows tremendous growth. Other countries are doing better in this arena.

In fact, Canada and Uruguay have fully legalized marijuana for their entire country and so many more cannabis jobs have opened up for the citizens there too. In 2016, the marijuana industry profited a billion dollar in sales where weed is legal. In Canada and North American, the cannabis sales for 2018 were 6.7 billion dollars.

It is estimated that by 2021, this figure will go beyond 20 billion dollars. It is because of such growth that the industry is showing heightened improvement and more cannabis jobs are now available to many people. Let us look at the cannabis jobs that will be higher paying as the exciting growth continues. 

The Cannabis Consultant

All professions and industry have consultants to do their bid and the marijuana industry is no different. In fact, as a consultant in the cannabis industry, you are seen as an expert and so you have to be equipped with enough knowledge to be able to assist the business owner with compliance, regulations, laws, practices, licensing, taxes, finances and much more.

You can earn as much as six figures if you work as a cannabis consultant. This is one of the cannabis jobs that are well sought after because you can set your own price and you can work as a freelancer. This is an ideal path, if you have extensive experience and cannabis training in the industry.

Cannabis Chief Financial Officer

If you have experience as a CFO, COO or CEO, you can pull off a higher salary than others who might be working other cannabis jobs in the industry.

In addition to a salary more than $120K annually, you could end up receiving some amazing employment benefits that include vacation, retirement and medical benefits.

Some of your responsibilities as an employee could be supervising the reporting the company's financials, managing the department of accounting, and supervising the processing, harvesting and distribution center. The Chief Financial Officer is the one that makes sure that the operation is run efficiently; reducing costs and increasing profits.

Cannabis Extraction Tech

If you want to land one of the most high paying cannabis jobs, you could become an extraction technician. The salary usually starts with $75K and up to $125K per year. You must have experience, skill and training in cannabis extraction.

Your job is to provide some of the best cannabis products using extracting methods so that the end product has a high level of potency as it relates to mostly concentrates. You might have to work in a laboratory environment. A well trained person could land this kind of cannabis job. You would definitely contribute a lot to the industry.

Master Marijuana Grower

To land one of the top cannabis jobs in the industry, you could consider becoming a master grower. The minimum salary is usually $80K and the highest is $100K.

Cannabis training, expertise and experience is essential because you have to know about things like cloning, trimming, transplanting, grow lights, feeding, nutrients, soil, pests and harvesting; just to mention a few. This is one of the most important cannabis jobs in the industry.

Chef For Cannabis Edibles

If you are a chef by profession or good with your hands in the kitchen, then you might want to consider one of the most popular marijuana jobs that are steadily gaining traction in the industry. You have to learn how to put various products together after you have prepared your infused cannabis.

There are so many variations of products to make such as cannabis cookies, marijuana gummies, cannabis cake, weed candies and more. You have to option to sell these to a local dispensary or work with the dispensary to make them and add to the inventory.

As you can see there are many top cannabis jobs that are high-paying. It is up to you to go out and get the cannabis education and experience you need to land one of them!

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