Different Types of Cannabis Jobs in the Industry

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There are many types of cannabis jobs in the industry. When you work in the cannabis industry, it can be quite exciting, especially for someone who already knows a thing or two about the marijuana plant and the laws that govern the industry. It is also good for those who want to advance or change their careers.

There are different cannabis jobs that are available; some created from other skills, profession, expertise, knowledge and training. Not many other industries are as popular and quite as desirable as the marijuana industry seems to be right now, especially from an employment standpoint.

It has been several decades that people have not tried to pursue a marijuana career until many more states have made it legal for dispensaries to do business. Here are some of the types of cannabis jobs in the industry.

More Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

Now that cannabis is being reformed and many states have legalized weed; both medically and recreationally, more people are taking an interest in cannabis jobs.

In fact, you can find meaningful employment in the cannabis industry, even if you currently work in sales, as an attorney, business person, manufacturer, programmer, web designer and more. There are so many cannabis jobs that can fit your experience, education and training.

Because of how the industry is growing and creating employment for so many people and creating millions of dollars in tax revenue, more states are thinking of making it legal.

According to recent statistics, there are about 165,000 to 230,000 cannabis jobs created each year; whether full time or part time. In comparison to the massage therapy field that employs 169,000, the cannabis industry is outweighing it.

Small to Large

Right now, most cannabis jobs are owned by small business owners, but the industry shows obvious growth and these same small businesses will grow into bigger companies and in some cases, they will become corporation with a large number in the workforce. You can expect this to happen over the next several years.

Now, let us take a closer look at some of the cannabis jobs that you can expect to be available and that will accommodate many of your skill set, training, education and experience. These could give you some ideas on how you can proceed.

Types of Cannabis Jobs in the Industry

The Budtender

The budtender is one of the most important cannabis jobs in a dispensary. This person must have experience in sales or customer service, but must have knowledge about the various marijuana strains and cannabis laws. For that reason, the person might have to undergo cannabis training.

You would go to the budtender, if you want to learn more about the strains, dosage and other things related to how you should consume marijuana.

The Cannabis Store Manager

Every business needs a manager to administer the daily operations of the dispensary. The store manager also has to see to it that the customers are receiving the best service. The store manager should also be a problem solver. Experience in management is essential.

Cannabis Lab Tester

The person that works as a lab tester will be someone with research experience and already worked in some laboratory; whether manufacturing or research lab. Cannabis testing labs have become much more common across the USA and Canada.

Cannabis Accountant

Every business needs an accountant and this is one of the cannabis jobs that is very important to keep all the bookkeeping work up to par and maintaining compliance and state regulations.

Bud Trimmer

The bud trimmer is the person that does a lot of the leg work before the marijuana plant is cured and goes onto the market. This is arduous work and it is a great place to start if you want to enter the industry.

Marijuana Attorney

If you own a marijuana dispensary, it is advised that you employ a cannabis attorney. However, you should make sure that the attorney understands the cannabis laws. This is one of the cannabis jobs that require the person to be meticulous as it relates to complying with the state laws.

Other Options

In addition to the list of cannabis jobs mentioned above, the cannabis industry also employs people with other essential skills, education and cannabis training.

These include journalist, physician, marijuana grower, marketing personnel, baker, sales, event organizer, graphic design, chef, extraction technician, project manager, delivery driver, and social media account manager.

Thank you for looking into some of the types of cannabis jobs you can find in the industry with us. We hope you find a cannabis career you love!

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  1. I went to Cannabis Training University and learned all I needed to get growing my own weed. Plus the cannabis education and certifications I earned helped me land a cannabis job at a dispensary.

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