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There are some of the top three Canadian marijuana companies that are seeking to compete in the industry for higher profits. Many of these companies have had a significant year of profit in the industry and want to carry on the trend, but expand into other areas of the country and in parts of the United States. Investors are taking notice and trying to get a piece of the action too.

The itch is spreading to seek new opportunities in the cannabis industry. In fact, there are a lot of companies that have launched new businesses and seeking new mergers and acquisitions. The results that these companies reveal are a show of advancement and more prominence in the industry.

That is why so many more Canadian marijuana companies are launching online and offline; providing more inventory to people who are either medical patients or recreational users.  Below are the top three Canadian marijuana companies.

The Financial Stocks

Cannabis stocks are also showing an uptick as more marijuana companies are choosing to be publicly traded in the stock exchange. To show support for the industry, companies that stock non-cannabis products are investing in the future of marijuana companies and the supportive industry. One such company is Constellation Brands.

There are some reasons why we need to be a little concerned with the legal cannabis industry. One main reason is the fact that it is still not considered to be legalized on the federal level as far as the United States is concerned.

This has the potential of posing a serious threat and barriers to our ability to improve the stock market and secure financial loans for conducting business nationally and internationally. And that is why many dispensary owners have to still be collection all cash when inventory is being sold.

The Changes and Advancements

To advance or expand their business is almost impossible without financial backing or being able to borrow money from a financial institution. Many advocates are hoping as time goes by, the feds will open up banking services to marijuana companies so that more businesses can compete for high profits. Ultimate success is going to depend on that.

Now that marijuana companies can come out in the open and do business in Canada, it is reported that their first goal is to get banking services up and running. As a result, the industry is seeing many changes. Below, we have listed some of the top three Canadian marijuana companies that are generating high profits as a result of those and other adaptations and changes since October 2018.

Canopy Growth Corporation

This is one of the many Canadian marijuana companies that have seen high growth since its inception and as a result, it has become quite prominent in other countries like Canada. In fact, Canopy Growth Corporation has extended its investments to Columbia by merger and acquisition, which is now in the works.

The net revenue has surpassed the company's goal and since the investment of four billion dollars from Constellation Brands, the company is now considered one of the largest marijuana companies in Canada. The company has experienced sales up to 283% for an entire quarter.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is a company located in Edmonton, Canada and is one of the largest marijuana companies licensed as a distributor. It is second place to Canopy Growth Corporation in the entire world as it relates to the capitalization of the market.

The company has a strong presence around the world. The company has recently bought Pedanios GmbH, which is based in Berlin. Aurora Cannabis has had strong financial quarters for several past interims and sales show doubling now and more so in the future.


Aphria is one of the Canadian marijuana companies that was launched in 2014 and even though, it is relatively new, it is showing good signs of high profits. The company produces and sells a variety of medical cannabis products.

It has expanded to the U.S. market and has a high profile for mergers and acquisitions. Its reported revenue since November 2018 was $21.7 million in Canadian dollars. The prospectus is that this is triple what the company made in previous years.

These are the Top 3 Canadian marijuana companies to date, but more are expected to arise as the industry continues to flourish.

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