Top U.S. Locations For Smoking Cannabis
Top U.S. Locations For Smoking Marijuana. Women smoking a joint.

Top U.S. Locations For Smoking Cannabis

Let's get one thing clear before we discuss the top locations in the United States for smoking cannabis. All the states known to have legalized cannabis do not permit anyone to consume it in public. Now that disclaimer is out of the way, it is clear then that you are the one who will take the risk to do so, even though, you have all the right to light a tobacco cigarette in certain places. And, you should be extra careful about respecting this policy, which means, if you have to do so, you should then do it in secret.

If you are smoking cannabis in a private home, then you are completely safe. However, there are cannabis-friendly destinations across the country including cannabis events that allow public consumption, but there are other public places as well. Ok, now that we have gotten the warning taken care of, let us now check out the top locations in the United States for smoking cannabis and why we picked these locations. Most of these top recommendations are based on personal smoking experiences and some are recommendations from stoners in those local areas.

The State of Colorado

The state of Colorado was first to legalize cannabis for adult use and today, the state is boasting amazing revenue as well as chances for you to enjoy smoking cannabis in the Rocky Mountains. There are also many public parks in the area for smoking cannabis. In the city of Denver, “The Coffee Joint” is one place that is licensed as a cannabis coffee house where you can consume cannabis. In several ways that includes dabbing, vaping and edibles.

You could also head on over to the Victorian mining town of Telluride, which is located 8,750 feet elevation from lower level in a box canyon that is surrounded by alpine forest. During the winter, it is well known to be a ski resort town and in the summer, there are several festival celebrations that include blues, jazz, chamber and bluegrass music. In addition, there are yoga festivals, wine festivals and mushroom festivals. This mountain village welcomes locals and visitors to ski, hike and mountain bike up the trails while smoking cannabis to your enjoyment. Along the way, you will find a few cannabis dispensaries including Telluride Bud Company close to the Telluride gondola.

The State of Washington

The state of Washington has a population of more than seven million residents, most of who live in the Seattle area. Washington has also legalized cannabis now for years and is one location where you will find cannabis festivals year round. There are also several landmarks where you can get away with smoking cannabis publicly. Some of these locations include the Cascades, Olympic National Forest and Mount Rainer. You could also ride the open air ferry to Orcas Island while enjoying the amazing view. Do not light up your joint on the ferry, but make sure you have a joint with you, packed carefully so you can engage in smoking cannabis while on your kayak tour of Orcas Island.

The State of Alaska

Driving from Anchorage, Alaska, you can take less than two hour to reach Matanuska Glacier, which is the largest in the United States that you can access by motor vehicle. While you stand on top of this huge glacier, you can have your joint in hand, smoking cannabis at a heightened pleasure with no disturbance.

The State of Oregon

In the state of Oregon, Mount Hood is the ideal place for smoking cannabis. It is about fifty miles from the city of Portland and a favorite spot for hiking in the forest. It is also ideal for snowboarding and skiing in the winter months.


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