Top 20 Cannabis Events To Watch In 2020

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Wondering some of the top 20 cannabis events to watch in 2020? This is the article for you! Cannabis events are fast becoming the epitome of the thriving cannabis economy. 2019 was packed with several highly successful events. Notably, there was the MJBizcon that featured industry magnates as well as CannaTrade which ran for three days in May and showcased the best products in the Canna industry. You wouldn’t believe it but it seems like 2020 will be many times bigger and better.  

What Are Marijuana Events?

Marijuana events are just what the name suggests; events centered on cannabis. This includes conferences, competitions such as the cannabis cup, marijuana festivals, trade conventions, trade fairs, expos, etc. 

Here, different groups of people from different sectors meet at a venue where they get to discuss one or more aspects of the cannabis industry. Cannabis events can either be regional, national, or international. Currently, there are over 100 cannabis events that take place around the globe annually. Such events are ideal for interacting, networking and just having fun.

Why The Fuss About Marijuana Events In 2020?

As the industry continues to expand we expect to see even more events coming up. Investors are keen to interact with high potential cannabis businesses, while cannabis businesses are looking for opportunities to network. Cannabis enthusiasts are also eager to get to know all that’s happening in this space. Lastly, with all the “taboo vibes” around this herb, is it not awesome to just chill out in a 420 positive environment with like-minded people? This is why you must plan to attend at least two or three events that are most appealing to you.

Here is a line-up of Top 20 Cannabis Events To Watch In 2020

1. MJBizCon 

MJBizCon is one of the most popular and well-attended cannabis events around the globe. It attracts thousands of participants including exhibitors and keynote speakers. In 2020, the Las Vegas event is set for the 2nd -4th December.

2. The High Times Cannabis Cup

This event has been running for almost three decades now but enthusiasm has never run out. While it started in Amsterdam, it has now spread to different parts of the world. The event’s hallmark is a competition overseen by a panel of judges who pick out the best cannabis products. Participants get to enjoy a choice selection of music and presentations from businesses in the industry.

The High Times Hemp cup 2020 will happen on February 17-20th 2020.

3. Lift & Co Cannabis Business Conference & Expo

This is among the largest cannabis events in Canada. It brings together experts in cannabis businesses who sit to discuss and chart the way forward for the industry. The event takes place in two different venues: Toronto and Vancouver. While that for Vancouver already happened in January, the dates for Toronto are May 28th to 29th

4. Cannabiz Expo 

This expo which takes place in Sacramento California is focused on creating connections within the cannabis industry. The 2020 expo is set for May.

5. HempFest Cannabis Expo

This is a cannabis culture event that features different shows in various parts of Canada. The calendar for 2020 starts with a growing summit in March and concludes with a cannabis cup in September. 

6. CannaGrow Expo 

The CannaGrow Expo is tailor-made for the latest in cannabis cultivation. At this expo, attendees will be exposed to the latest growing technology in the industry. The cultivation week features two event categories: grow expo and extraction summit. This happens in Palm Springs California and the dates for 2020 are November, 9th-13th

7. Cannabis Drinks Expo 

This is a unique cannabis event that features all sorts of cannabis-infused drinks; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It happens in Chicago, Illinois and the date for 2020 is August 3rd

8. Seattle Hempfest 

The Seattle Hempfest is a cannabis event that should excite you because it is free! It’s mostly a business-oriented conference and happens on 14th August 2020.

9. Ann Arbor Hash Bash

This tongue twister event is 40 plus years and still going strong. It is mostly a celebration of marijuana culture. If you are a pot enthusiast looking to have a good time with likeminded people then you should mark your calendar for April3-5th. This event happens at the University of Michigan.

10. The Hemp & Cannabis Fair: Bend-Richmond 

This event is abbreviated as THC and is geared towards celebrating the cannabis culture. Expect to learn everything that relates to cannabis and hemp from different speakers. The date is March 28th, 2020. 

11. Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

This event takes place in New York City and attracts attendees from all over the world. The congress is packed with educational sessions covering different aspects of cannabis. Expect to be equipped with canna-centric business information should you attend this conference. It will happen on May, 28th, 2020.

12. CannaCon South

The CannaCon is a big cannabis event that brings together cannabis businesses, stakeholders, and experts to discuss important things that pertain to the industry. It has a global focus and attracts attendees from different corners of the globe. May, 29th, 2020 in Oklahoma City- save the date.

13. NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

NCIA stands for the National Cannabis Industry Association. This business expo features high-level cannabis talks and presentations from keynote speakers. It offers great networking opportunities and is happening next in San Francisco on June 17th-18th, 2020.


This is a B2B cannabis event targeting cannabis businesses in the US. It happens again on March 2nd, 2020 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

 15. MardiGrass 

This is a unique cannabis event that happens yearly in Nimbin, Australia. Originally it features a protest rally and a parade but currently, it includes fun cannabis activities such as the Hemp Olympix and dance parties. It will be happening again on 1st May 2020.

16. The Hemp & Cannabis Fair: San Luis Obispo

 This is another THC event that happens in California. It includes everything related to the cannabis culture. The next date is June 6th, 2020. 

17. Cannabis Business Summit

This is a highly prestigious cannabis event that brings together legislators and cannabis experts to discuss the future of the industry. Cannabis laws and policies are discussed as well as business ideas. Next event is set for June 15th, 2020.

18. Cannabis Business Expo 

This Texas event is suitable for cannabis businesses and anyone interested in investing in this space. The next event is happening on September 16th, 2020.

19. Cannabis Science Symposium of the Americas

If you are a nerd as well as a pot enthusiast, then this is one event to bookmark. It is a two-day scientific conference that brings together cannabis scientists including academics, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, industry insiders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. The next date is set for May 12th-13th and it will happen in Colombia.

20. CannMed 

CannMed attracts individuals interested in medicinal cannabis from around the world. Discussions include the latest discoveries in the world of medicinal cannabis including cultivation, safety, and therapeutic benefits. It is happening again in Pasadena, California on September, and 21st 2020.

These are among the top cannabis events to watch in 2020. See you there!

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