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There are many unexpected cannabis benefits. If you are suffering from any form of drug addiction, did you know that cannabis benefits you? Medical marijuana can be the alternative solution to becoming sober or less reliant on drugs.

This is a controversial topic that has been debated from time to time. Now, it is time to deal with it head on. Yes, for many years, the marijuana plant was one of the debatable topics of all time. It was always considered to be a gateway drug of choice for some people. Opponents of marijuana believe that the hardcore drug users started out with marijuana use first and then graduated to hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Some drug addicts might say that is the way they started out, which does not mean that every other drug addict did.

Advocates believe that cannabis could be labeled an exit drug and not a soft entry drug. A lot of evidence has been gathered to provide this. In fact the legalization of weed has been shown to reduce the addictive use of heroin. In the some states where medical marijuana programs are legal, there has been proof that the opioid crisis has been reduced along with the overdoses of opioid. There are some advocates who have even made a prediction of cannabis benefits for alcoholics where marijuana use could reduce alcohol consumption for them.

Hard Drugs & Cannabis

And so, the idea that marijuana leads to consumption of harder drugs is debunked here and nothing but nonsense. Cannabis benefits are definitely understated. In fact, marijuana has the opposite effect in that it reduces the use of hard drugs for many people who might be struggling to stay sober.

What are the reasons for cannabis benefits in terms of helping the addict to come to terms with the evil that has besieged them in hard drug consumption? It could be both a biological and social issue.

Today people who want to buy weed legally do not have to deal with the black market anymore or the drug pushers. Many of the marijuana addiction stories are nothing short of being concocted and nowhere near the truth. And so, you have to become well informed about the cannabis benefits before you believe what others are saying about its effect on you.

In fact, when you are not told the truth and you believe the lie about cannabis benefits, then that is when you may want to try harder drugs.

The Opioid Addiction & Cannabis

It is well documented and well known that there are people who are suffering from serious illnesses and they need medication for the pain. Some doctors might prescribe an opioid and before you know it, the person becomes addicted and cannot get off of it, even when the pain has subsided or is gone. In fact, the same person might have ‘phantom pain' where they say that they are feeling pain and they are not, just to get the prescribed opioid to soothe the addictive behavior. Cannabis would be ideal in this case, getting the person off of the opioid to something that is not addictive.

Asthma Relief & Cannabis

Cannabis benefits anyone who is suffering from asthma and needs the relief. If you have asthma, though, you would not make the unwise decision of smoking a joint. Instead, you could consider other cannabis products such as tinctures, sprays, vaproizers and edibles. These are much easier on the lungs. Asthma is known to be an inflammatory disease, which can become chronic. The Cannabidiol or CBD in the weed has anti-inflammatory properties that improve the breathing of the asthmatic person.

Weight Loss & Cannabis

Cannabis benefits the people who want to lose weight and maintain their weight. Cannabis is able to reduce insulin levels and control the blood glucose level and for that reason, it stimulates your appetite and at the same time, it controls your blood sugar levels to make sure that you keep a balanced weight. At the same time, this also helps the person who may be a diabetic to reduce their insulin level.

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