Top Ways To Make A Marijuana Dispensary More Inviting

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Not every marijuana dispensary operates the same. If you have ever visited one or more of these dispensaries, you will come to know that really quickly. There are certain factors involved and these include quality of the product, cost of the product and customer service.

These all play an integral role for the marijuana consumer so they can select among the various marijuana dispensary options. In addition, there is another huge factor and that is the inviting way that you are received by the dispensary owner, the staff and the dispensary itself.

When you make a marijuana purchase, there are more things involved in the process and an inviting dispensary will make a big difference. For some customers, the purchase is one thing, but the experience is much more dominant in the whole procedure.

With all of this in mind, we have put together some of the top things that will make a marijuana dispensary so much more inviting to its customers. Let's delve in.

The Exterior

Before a customer walks into a marijuana dispensary, the first noticeable thing is the exterior. If that does not look good, then the person may not want to step through the doors. You better believe this! Yes, the exterior has to be welcoming to the customer. Most people go by what they see and if the exterior is shoddy, then the idea would be that the interior is the same or worse. That is just how human beings are.

They go by the visual. If the marijuana dispensary is in an older building with an ugly sign outside or if the building needed a good dose of paint, it wouldn't be a good look.

However, there are some of these dispensaries that are at the mercy of their landlords, as well as their local municipalities and their regulations. But, it is best to discuss this with the landlord and find out from the local municipalities what can be done about a shoddy exterior.

The Best Lighting

Good lighting is essential inside the dispensary so that when someone walks in, the lighting is good enough and not too dark. With poor lighting, customers are going to have a different shopping experience.

For example, your display area might not be quite visible for the customer to read labels, etc. If your customer has trouble with a purchase, in any way, that customer is going to go elsewhere.

Organizing Inventory

While you might have a large inventory, you have to make sure that it is well organized so that customers can find what they are looking for. It can be quite intimidating for a customer to walk up to your counter and see a lot of rows of jars displayed on one shelf and not being able to see it for themselves.

If that is the case, you should have enough staff to help customers, especially if there is a line. You should also have a computer with a list of inventory and how many are in stock because you don't want to sell something and find out afterwards that it is not in stock as there is no way to check the inventory while you are engaged in the process.

The Flow

A marijuana dispensary with a lot of traffic should be concerned about the logistics as it relates to the customer's buying experience. In other words, the flow should be smooth enough to allow customers to feel that they are being served. If it means hiring more staff, then that is what the dispensary owner should do. Getting more cash registers would help too.

The Right Vibe

If someone is buying weed, they want to have the right vibe, no matter what. Without the right vibe, the experience will be as if you are in a generic location and not a special place where you feel at home. Have candles lit and incense burning. Pay attention to putting furniture in the appropriate places where people can sit and wait on their order or sit and wait for the line to get shorter.

Your customer should feel comfortable. Put up artwork on the wall and have soft background music playing. These are some of the things that you should consider as a marijuana dispensary owner. Good luck! Make sure to implement some of the top ways to make a marijuana dispensary more inviting before you embark on your new cannabis business.

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