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You don’t have to live in the city of Seattle to enjoy the top cannabis tours that stoners and others are enjoying. This is one of the ideal things that people from across the United States and other countries look forward to do. Remember that Seattle is one of the first cities in the state of Washington that popularized weed and opened up a bunch of marijuana dispensaries to avid stoners and others. That is another reason why it earned its name: “the Emerald City.”

The Visitors

Visitors love the city of Seattle because it is a stunning region located in the Pacific Northwest and because of that, it has amazing attractions they can explore. And there are many cannabis events that take place in this particular city. Seattle also has some cannabis strains that you cannot find anywhere else and they are quite popular. The ideal way to get a hold of these strains is to go on one of these cannabis tours. Let’s take a look at a few of the top cannabis tours in the city of Seattle.

Green Adventures

Green Adventures provides visitors and locals with one of the best cannabis tours available in the city. The company partners with several of the best growers in the city so that patrons can get the best service possible and the ideal experience. Green Adventures has affordable tour packages for the person on a budget. Visitors are allowed to customize their tours to get the experience that they are seeking. Check out their standard tour, which will take the visitor to 2 or 3 marijuana dispensaries.

Visitors will get a VIP experience and be able to see how a grow operation is run. Visitors will also receive an introductory trial of some of the best cannabis strains and then the tour company arranges a ride to drop guests off to their hotel. This is one of the ideal cannabis tours to consider if you are in Seattle.

Chasing Mari

If you want to go on one of the cannabis tours that specialize in discretion and privacy, then you should consider Chasing Mari. By the time, you end this tour; you will be knowledgeable about marijuana strains. The staff is pretty helpful. Each guest will have a personal driver and concierge service to take them around, but that is an option. You can also customize your tour, which allows you to explore your location options throughout the city of Seattle. They offer an Outdoor Exploration package and also a tour of different wineries in the city.

Original Cannabus

Want to go on one of the cannabis tours in Seattle? Well, the Original Cannabus offers a whole vehicle or party bus to its guests to explore the ins and outs of Seattle. The Original Cannabus offers cannabis tours that last for up to three hours; taking the experience to a higher level. When you go on this particular tour, you get to go to several cannabis gardens where you can smoke weed recreationally. The company rents its bus for private parties, birthdays and other special events.

Show Me Seattle

The Show Me Seattle Vice Tours is located in the city of Seattle and is the ideal company to contact, if you are looking for good service. Show Me Seattle provides guests with fun cannabis tours. On the tour, guests will learn about various vices made their way to the city of Seattle. These cannabis tours begin at a popular whiskey distillery. The most popular “Vice” will be highlighted next where guests will visit some of the best marijuana dispensaries in the city. You won’t get any strain samples, but you will be able to shop.

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