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You must have heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” Yes, it is and in the marijuana industry, this still holds true. While it is important to take an online training course, if you want to get really deep into the cannabis world, you still should consider reading cannabis books to get a better understanding of marijuana and how it is effectively used, medically and recreationally.

Some of these cannabis books listed below have details on how to cook with marijuana and some will detail cannabis laws and marijuana strains. Let's take a closer look at the top cannabis books on the market. These should cover a lot about marijuana and the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Cookbook

High Times offers a cannabis cookbook is one of the best as it introduces the reader to marijuana and shows different recipes that you can cook with marijuana. You will love these recipes that you can use on a daily basis or for holidays. You can make infused cannabis pastries and cocktails using these recipes.

Grow Great Marijuana

This is one of the cannabis books that you need, if you are a marijuana grower or interested in getting into the industry. It is a book for the novice and gives step by step details on how to grow cannabis outdoors and indoors. You get lots of pictures and illustrations to guide you.

 Big Book Of Buds

This is one of the cannabis books that you will love because it lists the best marijuana seed banks as well as discusses a list of top cannabis strains. The book is all about marijuana buds. You will learn about how buds are grown and how to identify the best types of buds. The author provides insights about growing marijuana as well as assessing the marijuana botany.

Beyond Buds

This is one of the cannabis books that you must have. It goes in-depth about cannabis strains, extracts and other forms of marijuana extraction. You will learn about complex methods of extracting cannabis and the future of medical marijuana.

Coffee Shop Guide Amsterdam

The Coffee Shop Guide Amsterdam book is the ideal reference, if you are keen on going to Amsterdam for the country's cannabis coffee shop experience. There are certain kinds of etiquette required, as explained in the book. The book discusses coffee shop music, menu, specific observations and the overall vibe that you can expect. Did you know that Amsterdam has more than two hundred coffee shops? Yes, and author lists most of them in the book.

The Pot Book

This is one of the cannabis books that gives complete details about marijuana including the history of the marijuana plant, the politics of the plant, the medicinal benefits and how society accepts or rejects the plant. The book also details recent cannabis research as well as the role of cannabis in the future.

Marijuana Horticulture

This book is about the horticulture of the marijuana plant. You will learn how to grow marijuana indoor and outdoor. This is one of the cannabis books that has become a best seller. It describes marijuana growing at the intermediate and advanced level. You will be guided through the book with text and photos as well as detailed instructions.

Marijuana Smoker's Handbook

The author of this book is Matt Mernagh and he gives readers his personal opinion about marijuana and provides accounts of his personal experience with more than one hundred and eighty marijuana strains. In the book, he indicates that he has smoked all of the cannabis strains listed. He provides detailed information and makes it all humorous for a better and informed read.

Cannabis Grow Bible

This is one of the cannabis books that is a must have. It is a detailed guide for cultivators and growers of marijuana. It starts with the fundamentals and goes to the most complex methods of marijuana growth. Charts, text and photos are used to guide the reader. If you are a marijuana grower, you should buy this book.

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