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Are you looking for the top cannabis eateries in Los Angeles? For those who live in the city of Los Angeles and you are an avid stoner, you are living in paradise. Why? Well, the city of Los Angeles has some of the best cannabis eateries and dispensaries across the nation. If you love to eat and you love edibles and weed, then you are in luck and might be the envy of those who live in other cities not yet legalized for selling weed. More importantly, the marijuana dispensaries and cannabis eateries have some of the top strains. It would be a travesty, if you don’t take advantage of this; whether you are a local or visitor.

If you are a visitor of this amazing city, it is suggested that you go to one of these cannabis eateries to see what the buzz is about. Most of the restaurants are also cannabis friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the top cannabis eateries in the city of Los Angeles. 

Wake and Bake Club

You cannot walk into Wake and Bake Club unless you are a member. This is one of the cannabis eateries that have adopted the same café style as you would find in one of those cannabis coffeehouses in Amsterdam. You will be allowed to smoke your joint when you are in Wake and Bake Club. And so, there is a lot of privacy provided to patrons.

This is the ideal place to sit back and relax while you read a book and smoke your vaporizer. The Wake and Bake Club was founded by a young entrepreneur, Brian Williams. The club charges a $10 fee for each day of membership. This is one of the cannabis eateries that you would call cozy. It offers free WiFi, lounge and tasty coffee. At the Wake and Bake Club, you will be able to buy pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products such as edibles and juices. You can subscribe as a monthly member or yearly member. 

Cheba Bakery

If you like edibles, then you will have a field day when you step foot into Cheba Bakery. It is one of the most popular collectives in Los Angeles because it specializes in mostly baked goods infused with cannabis. These include cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, birthday cakes, wedding cakes and so much more. This is definitely a great place for avid stoners to partake, but also to get special gifts for another stoner. The baked goods are tasty and packed with a punch of CBD 

Bull and Dragon 

One of the top cannabis eateries in the city of Los Angeles is Bull and Dragon. The chef is Aaron Zeigler. He has experience in creating dishes from Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. He uses his experience and skill to infuse cannabis into his foods. When you go to dine at Bull and Dragon, you will be one of the most distinct and discrete dinging experiences. The chef uses fresh produce from his garden and so you can depend on freshness of the ingredients. In addition, ingredients are sourced by local farmers. A few of the dishes at this restaurant includes fava beans, sweet potato gnocchi, burrata, and black cod; just to name a few. 

Pop Cultivate

If you are a foodie and you also love weed, you will enjoy dinners at Pop Cultivate. Cannabis and food are being combined to give guests a great dining experience. The company was established by Chris Yang who is an experienced scientist, but had an interest to become a chef. He combined his skills and scientific knowledge to create unique marijuana dinner parties. The meals are infused with weed and a special theme is integrated into the occasion. 

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