Top Marijuana Facts to Know Now and the Future

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For an extended period of time, marijuana facts dictate how people get to understand the whole concept, but there have been many myths or misconception associated with the plant and its use. Today, though, many more people are talking about this taboo topic and bringing it out into the open even though the federal government still has the plant on a list as a dangerous substance. And yet, there are many people being treated with medical marijuana products and are experiencing good health. Yes, the “War on Drugs” is still being enforced by the feds and they have not taken marijuana off their list. That is one of the marijuana facts that need to be established, even while cocaine, heroin and opioids are the main culprits. 

The Clarification

The cannabis community, however, has been taking notice and still celebrates the use of marijuana and its benefits. It is no longer a taboo topic in the industry because many advocates are trying to spread the word so as to make it clear. There is a marijuana movement taking place across the nation and the world and people like us love to bring the marijuana facts in order to clarify just what is happening in the cannabis space. Below are some of the marijuana facts that you should know about, if you don't already know. Let us begin!

Other Countries

Did you know that there are more than forty countries that have legalized medical cannabis? In the past, you could count on one hand how many of these existed. This shows that progress is being made. You may be surprised that many European countries are legalizing weed. Thailand is one surprise to many since this country has always been known in the past for having some of the harshest penalties for anyone who consumes weed. South Korea also known for their strictness when it comes to drug offenses was the first East Asian country that legalized weed. Isn't that interesting?

For Adult Consumption

One of the other marijuana facts that we are going to bring to you is that Canada and Uruguay have gone ahead and legalized recreational pot, which makes them two of the first to allow people to legally smoke or consume any form of weed without any penalty. An analysis done by Wall Street has determined that by 2022, Canada is forecasted to generate as much as six billion dollars in annual sales across the board.

The Various State Legalizations

We are now on to one of the other marijuana facts that you might know about. There are approximately thirty three states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana and ten states have approved the use of recreational weed on a large scale. And other states are considering the same as they try to work out the semantics necessary to do this. The federal government is still in the dog house when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana, but many believe that as more states begin to legalize weed, the federal government may be forced to surrender.

The Legislative Process

One of the marijuana facts that is surprising to us is that most of the states that legalize weed do so from the legislative level; using a process of initiation and referendum where signatures are compiled to get the process through the voting ballot so that voters can let their voices be heard.

The Public Confidence

The voters speak loudly too and show that they love weed and want to legally use it. That is one of the marijuana facts that many lawmakers have come to realize. Twenty five percent of the population wanted to see the legalization of weed when a 1995 national poll was taken. Since then that number has risen to sixty six percent in 2018. You would be astonished that the people favoring the legalization of weed are from diverse communities, race, gender, ethnicities and backgrounds. Some of them have never used weed, but might know someone that has been treated with medical marijuana and it improved their health. The public has certainly gained confidence in medical marijuana especially and that is one of the marijuana facts that keeps getting better.

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