Top Guide To Becoming A Grower For A Cannabis Dispensary
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Top Guide To Becoming A Grower For A Cannabis Dispensary

If you're interested in becoming a grower for a local cannabis dispensary, there are certain steps to take and specific things you can do. Be sure to choose a dispensary that is already showing signs of growth and success. You can reach out to these establishments in person, email messaging or by letterhead correspondence.

It is important to follow the appropriate steps and training is one way to empower yourself so you can become a more improved grower in horticulture or agriculture. The Cannabis Training University offers such training and all you have to do is to go to their website and sign up as a student; after which you would go through the courses, take the quizzes at the end and receive your awarded certification. It is that simple! Here is the top guide to becoming a grower for a cannabis dispensary.

The Risks

If you are going to go into becoming a grower of cannabis and selling it to your local cannabis dispensary, you must be aware of the risks that are involved. To do so, find out the laws as it relates to the federal government of the United States.

Remember that the feds have categorized weed as a Schedule 1 drug or a dangerous drug with no value medically.

Of course, we know that is not true, but you have to do things the right way. According to the feds, if you were to grow anywhere from 99 to 999 cannabis plants, you could go to jail. And so, before you become a marijuana grower, it is recommended that you seek advice from a trained and experienced attorney. That is where you could receive most of your guidance.

The Federal Government

The risks involved come mostly from the federal government in its disparity and disbelieve about the medical benefits of weed. As long as you can accept these risks, you can move forward to contribute your skill as a grower to the local cannabis dispensary.

The good thing is that the federal laws governing marijuana will change from one administration to another and so everything is subject to change.

To avoid a visit from the federal government, make sure you hire a bookkeeper to maintain your books and properly monitor the inventory. You should also consider hiring an attorney to help maintain compliance of the laws. Be sure you have a consultant to do your business plan and taxes.

The License and Permit

If you are looking into becoming a grower for a local cannabis dispensary, visit the website for the Department of Health Services to find out about the different types of licensing and permits. This would be your starting point.

Check to see the amount of weed you are allowed to grow according to the state's laws. Some states allow more than others.

Training and Experience

In addition to receiving the appropriate training to becoming a grower of marijuana, it is suggested that you start out as a bud trimmer or assistant to a master grower. That is where you might get the majority of your experience. As a bud trimmer, you will diligently learn more about the cannabis plant, THC content, CBD content, how the plant behaves, the benefits and the different parts. As an assistant to the master grower, you will be under the tutelage of an experienced professional. In no time, you could move from being an assistant to a master grower yourself.

The Cost

To become a grower for local cannabis dispensaries mean that you should know the cost associated with doing so.

It would be ideal if you took time to find out more about the financial implications associated with this along with how much time it require from you.

Final Summary

Other things to consider, if you want to be a grower for a cannabis dispensary is the right location, capital, negotiated contracts, cheap, but competent labor, a good vision and mission, cultivation plan, lab testing plan, safety plan, and personal use of your own products.

We hope you have enjoyed the top guide to becoming a grower for a cannabis dispensary!


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