Top Reasons Illegal Marijuana Is Still An Issue

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Let's look at some of the Top Reasons Illegal Marijuana Is Still An Issue. For approximately a hundred years, there have been some top reasons that illegal marijuana was an issue and today, it still continues to be so. Many people are not able to apply the proven benefits of marijuana to their psyche.

Many have justified why criminalization should continue to be enforced, even when so many states have legalized weed. Marijuana was kept illegal because of these top reasons. Let us take a look at the whole scenarios.

In so many instances, cannabis advocates do not make such a convincing case as it relates to legalization. Some of these advocates give the reasoning that marijuana is a drug that cures every medical condition while promoting someone's creativity, moral progression and open-mindedness.

While that might sound good, it is unrealistic and some people think that it is just too good to be true, especially when it is coming from advocates that don't smoke or consume weed. If advocates continue to be unconvincing, it remains to be seen how fast states can turn illegal marijuana into a legal entity as its other counterparts. Let's take a look at the Top Reasons Illegal Marijuana Is Still An Issue.

The Lifestyle

Cannabis is usually thought to be only for stoners and potheads. However, with the legalization of marijuana in several states and more to jump onboard, other people are using cannabis as a way to treat their illnesses and more. But, if light is not shed on this aspect of marijuana benefits, then there will still be people that think it is only for losers, criminals and hippies.

The one thing that people can do to quash some of these myths and misconceptions is to get educated about legal and illegal marijuana. In so doing, it will be easier to accept it as the norm for medical cannabis patients and for avid users that consume it for recreational reasons.

Medical Use

One of the reasons why people view it as illegal marijuana, even when it is legalized is because of it being hard to accept as having medicinal use. In fact, the medical use of cannabis continues to be a serious controversy nationwide. Many skeptical people are still debating whether it is really good to fight certain medical conditions.

To fight against this argument, advocates of marijuana legalization continue to work hard to highlight the benefits that it has had on people's lives, especially those with chronic medical disorders. In the meantime, the opponents of marijuana do not put so much emphasis on alcohol or other hardcore drugs as they do on marijuana, although, there are positive proof that it has done good for many people.

Addictive Sensitivity

If you don't already know, marijuana is still categorized by the Federal government as being a Schedule 1 drug and this has really been one of the issues why people think of it as illegal marijuana. Another reason is that because the Feds label it as a dangerous drug, some people view it as an addictive drug. No one has ever gotten hooked on marijuana.

No one has ever overdosed and died on marijuana as is possible with hardcore drugs. And so many advocates are still fighting for the Feds to remove labeling it as illegal marijuana when it really does not fit into the category of being dangerous.

The Disassociation

In the same breath, illegal marijuana will not go away, if it is not disassociated with heroin and other hard drugs. Heroin and cocaine are narcotic drugs and marijuana is not. So why is marijuana being associated with and categorized along with these drugs? For centuries, it has been ostracized as such and the connotation seems to have been stuck and as a result marijuana is misrepresented as being a gateway drug.

Final Summary

Illegal marijuana is still part of the societal categorization, but we believe and so do many advocates that once the Feds de-categorize it and more states legalize it, then there is a strong hope that there won't be a stigma or issue associated with marijuana anymore. These are great examples of some of the top reasons illegal marijuana is still an issue.

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