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If you are into starting a hobby, you should consider growing marijuana. This is if you want to maintain your own personal stash. But if you want to be involved legally in the cannabis industry as a grower, you might want to know more about how to best improve your marijuana yield. The same is true for the hobbyist, but more so for someone who is going to sell weed legally.

You have to plan in advance how you are going to proceed, determining your energy and water usage and how many flowers you want to produce at harvest. First, you have to choose a discreet place to cultivate your weed, especially if you are going to grow it outdoors. It would be ideal to grow weed outdoors for a good marijuana yield since you can take advantage of the natural sunlight and environmental conditions. If you decide to grow indoors, you can expect to pay a lot on energy use since you are going to need LED lighting. However, you will have more control in this environment to maximize your marijuana yield.

The Consideration

For one, you have to consider the strain's genetics during the growth process. Fortunately for you, there are strong seeds that you can purchase and use. You have to figure out also, if your seeds are photoperiodic or autoflowering. If it is photoperiodic, you have to contend with a fragile management process for the lighting so that you can get a satisfactory return. Try to place an order for cannabis seeds so that you can immediately set up your operation. We are about to share several ways that you can improve your marijuana yield.

The Trellising Method

There are times when your marijuana plant might be going through a struggle to grow the way you want it to. It is possible that your plant might not have the kind of strength necessary to support itself. This is where the trellis comes in. This is a wooden structure that you can construct in your cannabis garden. If you use the basic trellising method to grow your plant, you will find it to be essential to bearing up the weight of the plant with its structure. It leaves the plants to grow in a certian direction and to be arranged in a specific way. The support guides the plant's growth; separating them and maintaining their sturdiness. You could also add a bamboo rod to the trellis so your plants can continue to flourish.

Training Your Plants

Another way to maximize and improve your marijuana yield is to train the plants as best as you can. The most vulnerable stage for your plants is the vegetative stage. This is the stage also when your plants can be duly trained; guiding the development of your marijuana plant to how you want it. Of course, pruning is essential to training your plants as it allows you to get rid of hampered branches that may be interlocking. It also helps you to avoid uneven growth of your plants. Spreading out the primary stem and separating the side branches is a good place to start. This allows your plants to grow in a thick bush outwards. This is known as low stress training or LST. In this process, you can use a string to hold up the branches and keep them from interlocking.

Increase in Size of Container

Another obvious method of increasing your marijuana yield is to have the right container used for growing. Use a container that is 11 liters in size; large enough to fit the soil. If you can afford to purchase a 20 liter container instead, then by all means do so. The more space you have, the higher the yield. Other things to take into consideration if you want to improve your marijuana yield are increase in light intensity, climate control, pruning, nutrition and trimming.

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