Best Tips On Selecting Marijuana Genetics

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Prior to giving someone your hard-earned money to invest in the most current cannabis strains that have been hyped as being popular and with a price tag of roughly $200 for each pack, it is essential to consider the effect that you are seeking from the crop. Sometimes, it is difficult to view a crop's commercial viability and the head stash. We have included in this article, a series of tips on how you can select marijuana genetics in the process of growing your weed.

The Marijuana Consumer

The first thing to consider is which consumer you will be growing weed for. This is the definitely the initial step in the grand scheme of things. The strain selection is very important to be narrowed down before proceeding. If you are only growing weed for personal use, you should consider the things that will concern you such as the flavor, aroma, yield, resin production, effect, and THC level, CBD content, easy method of cloning, easy way of growing and possible medicinal content.

If you will be growing weed commercially and you want a specific variety that will serve you better such as a larger yield within 50 to 60 days, then you have to choose the cannabis strain that will give you those results. You also have to think about the marijuana genetics of that particular strain. If you are growing weed for personal use, then you could produce a crop with fewer yields and you might not have to think about flowering time in this instance, but you can choose a few good hybrid strains like Cookie and O.G. or one that you prefer.

The Balance

Don't think about quantity over quality. It is best to have a balance between the two. It is best to grow a few strains together since one cannabis strain may complement the other and provide you with an amazing hybrid strain and improved marijuana genetics. The recommendation is to conduct a research on various marijuana genetics and the strains associated with them. You can do this yourself online.

Feminized and the Basic

The person who is growing the weed has to think seriously about its practicality and the marijuana genetics of the regular seeds and feminized seeds. Some traditional marijuana cultivators will try to avoid using feminized seeds, but these are beneficial in terms of giving the grower maximized space for proper cultivation. It also removes the necessity for ‘sexing' the plant prior to flowering and making sure that the whole crop is one hundred percent female.

These days in Europe, feminized seeds have seen an evolution so much so that approximately ninety five percent are being sold in the marketplace. Some cannabis breeders, though, are working with inventory that could be categorized as unpredictable in nature. For this reason, the grower must decide on genetics; whether male or female or reworking both to clone them and to start a breeding project. Growers can also decide on growing just female marijuana plants without sourcing clones and dealing with potential risks that may result from this.

Expensive or Inexpensive Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis industry is evolving. There is no double. It has become a billion dollar industry. For this reason, there is rise in the number of seed banks and cannabis breeders around the world. These things stand at the pinnacle of marijuana genetics and its diversity as consumers develop a loyalty to certain breeders and their company brands. It takes hard work to get to that point. So, growers and breeders can get away with pricing, if the brand loyalty is secure among consumers.

Final Summary

In selecting marijuana genetics for the best results, growers should also consider plant resistance, timing, grower's and breeder's experience and skill level, medicinal requirements, and the outcome that you will be seeking.

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