Marijuana Strains With The Highest THC
Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC. Weed in a jar.

Marijuana Strains With The Highest THC

Marijuana strains with the highest THC are not as well known as you might think.

It is not a straightforward process to determine the strength of marijuana strains. Once you select the desired strain that you want to use, there are several factors that will determine and impact the THC level and content of the plant's bud. The primary external factors tend to influence the bud's strength; some of which are growing medium, location, light source, nutrient levels, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide levels. Even though, there are various methods of growing marijuana, you will have to deal with different numbers of pros and cons.

For instance, if you were to grow the marijuana plant under UVB spectrum, it would force you to go on top of a mountain in close proximity to the equator, which is hardly possible. Or, you could buy LED lighting to get a similar emission. However, these both come with their own issues. The LED lighting can be very expensive and trekking up to a mountain is not the ideal way to deal with this because of its inconvenience.

The Strength

Another factor to consider as it relates to the strength of your marijuana strains is the plant's genetics. All the details of the plant are in the genetics. This includes the amount of CBD and THC is contained in the plant. This means how the plant tastes, smells and how the plant is cultivated. Marijuana displays various combinations of characteristics from the initial marijuana strains. When the genetics are stable, then the features are quite predictable. In other instances, the features can be unpredictable; making it difficult for the grower to manage.

These days, marijuana cultivators have the ability to choose their desired traits for an outcome that will be pronounced as it relates to its appearance, growth and effect. With that being said, it is very important to consider all of these factors once you start your cannabis garden. In so doing, you will be aware of the kind of marijuana strains that are the most suitable to your particular needs.

The Seeds

Heirloom and landrace seeds for instance, have been grown for centuries in various parts of the world. These have the kind of traits that are specific to the adaptation to their natural environment; wherever that might be. In contrast, when marijuana is grown indoors, you might come up with marijuana strains that are not as pungent, resilient to pests and smaller in size. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a general idea of how you will grow your cannabis garden prior to selecting your seeds. Let's now look at the best marijuana strains with the highest level of THC content.

Royal Gorilla

The Royal Gorilla is like its name implies. It is one of those marijuana strains that are powerful in THC content; up to 26 percent. It comes with an euphoric high and citrus flavor and pine tones. It can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Fat Banana

The Fat Banana is one of the marijuana strains that have yellow tinged buds and a banana-like smell. It is a hybrid strain with genetics similar to the Kush strain. It has more indica and a fruit flavor. The THC level is as high as 25 percent, which is very powerful. If you are a novice, this might not be the strain for you. If you are seasoned user, you will come to appreciate this strain and its ability to stimulate the appetite and soothe any anxiety and getting you to ward off insomnia.

Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular marijuana strains from the Netherlands. It gives you an amazing high; enough to put you in the couch for a few hours. It has a fruity and fresh flavor and one to consider, if you are a seasoned smoker.

Green Gelato

In the state of California, Green Gelato is one of the marijuana strains being cultivated. This is an excellent choice for marijuana lovers who have a sweet tooth. The genetics originally comes from Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains with their powerful high and sweet flavor. The THC content is 25 percent; giving the users an uplifting and euphoric high to the point of relaxation.

These are some of the marijuana strains with the highest level of THC.


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