Top Reasons Cannabis Superiority Is Evident

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Cannabis superiority is evident for some really good reasons. Stoners are the ones that have brought it to such heightened awareness. But, before people began smoking weed, they were drinking alcohol. In fact, alcohol maintained superiority for a very long time. However, cannabis superiority is making its way to take over. Some people smoke weed and drink liquor at the same time, especially those who want to get a really good buzz.

The Negative

Acceptance of alcohol beverages has been edged in stone for a long time. Yes, you have to be a certain age before you can buy it and drink it. And, it has more negative side effects than cannabis does. In fact, cannabis superiority is more pronounced because it is void of negative side effects. And so, you might be wondering the reason for the legalization of alcohol and why it is taking so long to legal weed on a national scale, even when cannabis superiority is so obvious. There is no denying that weed has the benefits necessary for someone to improve their health when alcohol is the opposite.

The Comparison

One thing is certain and that is no one has ever overdosed on cannabis. However, there are many people who have overdosed on cannabis. In fact, an individual would have to smoke one pound of weed within one hour in order for THC overdose to occur and that is not humanly possible. Even the people who do not like weed will say the same thing. In addition, weed will never cause you to have a disease. Alcohol will contribute to so many medical conditions such as kidney disease and cirrhosis of the liver. Cannabis superiority over alcohol indicates that weed has no long term health effects. If you drink alcohol every day, it will eventually make you ill. If you smoke weed every day in moderation, it will only make you high.

The Cannabis Effect

Another reason for cannabis superiority is that when you get stoned on weed, you won't hurt anyone. If you get overly drunk on alcohol and drive while under the influence, it is possible to hurt another driver or become violent with others. When you get stoned on weed, you might just go to sleep or laugh your head off. Alcohol gives you a hangover, if you drink too much. Weed only makes you high and mellow and in some cases, more relaxed. Your eyes might look red and sleepy, but that is about it. In fact, cannabis superiority is associated with reduction in stress and anxiety. Weed will help you to quickly forget the issues that plague you. It will help you to handle it better and will reduce any feelings of confusion; preparing you to take the calmer approach.

The Driving

When you are high on cannabis, your driving won't be impaired in anyway; although this fact will be debatable by some. However, the opposite is true. When you are drunk, it is not safe to drive a vehicle or you will feel as if you are playing a video game in a blurred room. In fact, when you are stoned, you will tend to be more relaxed and once you have someone in the passenger seat making you laugh, then you will be OK. In addition, if you have to drive and you want to smoke, make sure it is only a joint or two.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis superiority is obvious because there is not many ways you can compare weed and alcohol and not come up with the opinion that one is bad and the other is not. If you are serious about your health, you would choose cannabis superiority over alcohol consumption.

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