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Cannabis is being applied to so many industries in more ways than one as it becomes more popular. One such industry is software applications. The cannabis industry is taking advantage of this technology to reach more cannabis users or to give marijuana users the platform to learn more and the convenience to access information from their mobile devices. Let us take a look at some of the companies that are touting different cannabis apps. Of course, these cannabis apps offer a wide range of features.


WeedMaps is one of the websites that is on top of their game in the cannabis industry. It could be that they have been around for some time. Their marijuana app allows users to find marijuana dispensaries and medical cannabis doctors in the local area. The app also allows users to filter their search, which helps them to find exactly what they want such as price of cannabis products and whether a cannabis dispensary provides delivery service. The app is free.

Best Buds

Best Buds offers one of the cannabis apps that you would love to have. It is free for both iOs and Android device owners. It shows the menu and pricing of marijuana products. This one provides so many product deals and so it is worth downloading. It has a digital reward program with a ‘punch card' system, which adds up points each time you purchase a product from your local marijuana dispensary. Those points can add up to give you free marijuana buds.


If you are looking to consult with an approved medical marijuana doctor, then you should consider one of the best cannabis apps ever to hit the market. It was created by EazeMD and works on iOS and Android devices. You can download it for free and it allows you to contact licensed cannabis doctors for consultation and prescription for marijuana buds. Instead of meeting face to face, the doctor will provide a virtual evaluation on the app for only $30 and you will receive a copy of the doctor's recommendation to take to your local marijuana dispensary.


For iOS and Android device owners, HighThere! has provided one of the cannabis apps that is beneficial to marijuana enthusiasts that want to connect with each other. You will input your mood, your preferred method of consumption and your energy choices. Then, it will find matches of people that you can smoke weed with.

Grow Buddy

Grow Buddy also has one of the cannabis apps that works on iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for assistant to grow weed legally at home, this is the one software application program that you will need. It is free to download on your iOS or Android device. It helps you to record all essential data about your marijuana crop so you can have a good harvest.


Seamless has one of the most convenient cannabis apps. It acts as a delivery service. When you have the munchies at night, you can use the app to order edibles or other cannabis products that will be delivered at your front door in minutes. Of course, delivery will depend on where you reside and which dispensaries or restaurants are listed on the app.


So many people are taking to Instagram. Well, now Massroots has brought Instagram to the cannabis industry by way of cannabis apps that you can use to upload your videos and pictures. You can post your glass bongs, pot smoking tricks and your different cannabis buds. These are the only things you will see as content when you download this software application.

We hope that you will consider using some of these cannabis apps. Of course, there are many others out there that you will love to try. But, start by downloading a few of these and trying them..

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