Top Marijuana Dispensaries As Game Changers

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Marijuana farming goes back more than ten thousand years of human civilization. In fact, many experts like Carl Saga, a cannabis consumer think that the plant itself is the first cultivated species that has been purposely grown. He also considers marijuana to be as important and significant as agriculture invention. This is what you would call a game changer, right? And it is possible that the world's marijuana dispensaries are unable to claim the cultural heritage and significant channel of civilization. Despite this let down, marijuana dispensaries have become the conduit for consumers to gain access to weed legally.

Today, as it stands, the stigma of marijuana has been reduced from being destructive to offering treatment to so many people with chronic disorders. What does this mean? Well, if you want to be treated like a law-abiding citizen and not a criminal possessing illegal weed, then you would understand the importance of marijuana dispensaries and its responsibility as a game changer in our existing society.

It might be hard to phantom for some people as the history of marijuana sales has been associated with the black market, but this has shown tremendous change in the past twenty years.

While not in any specific order, we have listed some of the marijuana dispensaries across the country that has been a huge part of the game changing possibilities.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow was established when a student in Amsterdam turned an abandoned bakery into one of these marijuana dispensaries many have come to know as game changers. They transformed the building into a coffee house and attracted crowds to buy hashish products. The Mellow Yellow was raided by police several times throughout the years, but the inventory was hidden in a book shop close by and so the raid would always prove to be unsuccessful. The Mellow Yellow might have been the inspiration that other competitors needed to open their own marijuana dispensaries without the fear of police raid as long as it was done legally.

San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club

If you want to talk about a game changer, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club is one of those marijuana dispensaries to fall in line. Through the determined efforts of Dennis Peron and his focus on providing weed to residents of San Francisco that were suffering from HIV/AIDS, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club became a non-profit business dedicated to the cause of treating the seriously ill. To be a customer, you must produce a government ID and a recommendation from an approved doctor. Then, you will be able to buy products like tinctures and edibles.


Mike Corral and Valerie Corral, husband and wife were founders of Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) in 1993. This is one of the marijuana dispensaries that set a gold standard in the cannabis industry. The Corral's have a stake in this because Valerie experienced chronic seizures after learning about how CBD helps to combat this debilitating disease. That is how WAMM was birth. After being arrested several times for growing marijuana at home, the pair created a collective in Santa Cruz, California to help others. WAMM has a distribution process where weed is delivered to the terminally ill and sold to patients with chronic disorders despite the threat from the feds of arresting them for their efforts.

Harborside Health Center

Harbor Health Center was established in 2006 by Steve DeAngelo who is a known activist and marijuana distributor in the underground. He created one of the model marijuana dispensaries in Oakland, California, inviting politicians and the media to see the first game changer in that region of the country. DeAngelo is a household name, educating millions using his television documentary, “Weed Wars.”

Denver Relief

The Denver Relief is located in the state of Colorado and is one of the marijuana dispensaries that is the second game changer in that region. It was first installed as an underground establishment, but later after the legalization of marijuana became known for offering a wide inventory and providing a lot of community service, driving the culture of marijuana.

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