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With medical marijuana use having been legalized in the state of California, patients will no doubt want to get the best quality products from top California marijuana dispensaries. Medical marijuana is deemed to be better for use by suffering patients as compared to traditional pain medication; however, it is important to note that the quality of the marijuana availed to patients is vital to satisfying their needs. The Crown Collective is one of the best dispensaries in California located in Mira Loma; it serves residents in the Inland Empire area as well as Riverside nearby.

Location of The Crown Collective

The medical marijuana shop is conveniently located next to highways 15 and 60; customers can easily access this location without getting lost. Being one of the best California pot shops, The Crown Collective boasts a warm and welcoming layout. The structure housing the pot shop is built securely and commands a solid look.

You will find a couple of guards at the entrance whose work is to keep all customers safe while at the premises. Inside, the shelves and displays are arranged displaying a wide variety of medical marijuana products. You will also find a comfortable customer waiting area.


Whether you are a seasoned marijuana user or a first time customer, you will appreciate being served by highly qualified staff. The Crown Collective is among the best weed shops California due to their staff. Customers will appreciate the help they get from the knowledgeable staff. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure that the helpful staff will be on hand to help you find it while still warm and polite. All customers are treated with respect by the courteous bud tenders regardless; this is where this weed shop differs from its competition.

Variety at The Crown Collective

The Crown Collective is one of the top cannabis dispensaries California and with that offers customers a wide variety of weed strains (both indica and sativa) and weed products. The shop stocks a variety of strains meant to satisfy the different needs of different customers. Whether you have a favorite in mind or are looking to experiment with unfamiliar strains, The Crown Collective is definitely worth trying out. You will also find weed edibles, extracts, concentrates and dry blends.

Best Deals

If you are looking to fit your medical marijuana purchase in a fixed budget, it is worth considering taking advantage of the special offers at one of the best California pot shops. The Crown Collective happy hour specials start from one to twenty past four in the afternoon; and all day on weekends. During the happy hour, you can get ΒΌ oz at ten percent off. Between 11 pm and 12 am customers get 10% off all wax products.

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