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Check out the Green Cross Collective Dispensary!

With the negative effects of using traditional pain medications having been discovered, alternative medicine has been brought to the lime light as the best option for patients in need of pain and stress relief.

Due to the vital nature of medical marijuana to patients, it is important that they only get access to the best products. Green Cross collective in Bakersfield is one of the top marijuana dispensaries in the state of California. The dispensary is focused on offering patients the best variety of weed products to ensure that they always get the needed relief whenever they partake.

Below we will make a detailed assessment of this renowned weed dispensary to help patients in the vicinity make an informed purchase decision.


The Green Cross collective is located in Bakersfield California. This dispensary is conveniently located on Niles Street, off Sterling road. Patients can get to this location either by bus or by car from surrounding areas. The weed store is situated in suite 104, a secure location where patients can get their medical marijuana products stress free.

Inside the store, just like other top cannabis dispensaries California, you will find neatly arranged shelves and enticing displays of a wide variety of weed products to satisfy your needs. This a professional establishment geared at satisfying customer needs with a difference.


To ensure that patients get the best service at Green Cross, the staff is composed of well-trained budtenders who are ready to offer stand out service to all clients. All members of staff remain respectful and courteous all through the purchase process regardless. To ensure that clients can find their preferred weed products at one of the best California pot shops, all members are knowledgeable on the entire stock offering invaluable advice and recommendations when called upon.


Due to the fact that every medical marijuana user has different tastes and preferences, there is a need for a wide variety of weed products and strains. At Green Cross collective, one of the best dispensaries in California, you will find indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Be sure to ask about the Champagne Kush hybrid, which is only stocked by a few collectives including Green Cross. Their weed product offering includes flower, extract, pre-roll, topical, edibles, and gear. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.

Beat Deals

To ensure that all their customers get value for their money, Green Cross offers a variety of deals for each class of customers. First Time Customers get a free edible or gram, Bic lighter, rolling papers and grindtainer. Referring someone to this dispensary earns you a free gram or edible. Customers are also invited to text or follow them on Instagram for free specials and meds. As one of the best weed shops California, they offer daily specials and deals as well.

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