Best Marijuana Dispensary Visits For Mother’s Day

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Lets take a look at the best marijuana dispensary visits for Mother's day.

Mother's Day has already passed, but every day is Mother's Day, if you were to ask every mother on this planet. Have you run out of gift ideas for your mom? If so, you could consider giving her a first time visit to a marijuana dispensary, not necessarily for buying paraphernalia, but allowing her to see something she has never seen before.

Most of the local dispensaries are welcoming, personable, clean and exciting, especially if someone has never been in a smoke shop before. Even if your mom is not new to the cannabis world, she might have never set foot in a marijuana dispensary before. This might be an eye opener for her to see some of the most innovative cannabis products on the market. She will be well informed and might thank you for this new experience. Let's check out some of the dispensaries that you could take your mom on Mother's Day or any other day for that matter since every day is Mother's Day.

Green Easy

Located in the city of Los Angeles, Green Easy is a marijuana dispensary that has a welcoming atmosphere the moment you walk in. It is located on 8311 Beverly Boulevard. As you walk into this marijuana dispensary, you will smell the aroma of fresh flowers and see sparkling chandeliers in the entrance way. The display glass cases are filled with the best cannabis strains and other marijuana products.

Harvest Shop

The Harvest Shop is located in the city of San Francisco on 33 29th Street. This is a shop that sells merchandise related to marijuana. It also sells natural foods. Your mother will enjoy the excellent and exhilarating retail experience.

Exhale Med Center

Another marijuana dispensary that is a ‘must' for your mom is the Exhale Med Center located on 980 North La Cienega Boulevard, Suite 102 in West Hollywood. The ambience is lively, but classy. The budtenders are really helpful, especially to someone visiting for the first time.


Located on 1695 South Seventh Street in the city of San Jose is a marijuana dispensary that your mom would love. Those moms who visit the Caliva find it both enjoyable and relaxing. This is one of the award-winning cannabis dispensaries in San Jose. It is decorated with local art and delivers cannabis products of high quality. The company also has a marijuana testing lab in-house. Your mom might be thrilled to see an onsite lab.

Karuna Health Foundation

If you want to travel to Vancouver, Canada with your mom next Mother's Day, consider the Karuna Health Foundation, a marijuana dispensary located on 3636 Fourth Avenue West.  The location is lively and colorful, featuring a host of cannabis products. Your mom will have fun browsing around, ending up in the meditative lounge where she can sit on the comfy sofas and enjoy smoothies, coffee and the soft music.


One marijuana dispensary in Victoria, Canada is the Farmacy located in 3055 Scott Street. The location is upscale and classy with glitzy display glass cases filled with cannabis products. The menu is easy to navigate, if you feel like purchasing some Super Lemon Haze for your mother.

Lightshade Rec Dispensary

Lightshade Rec Dispensary is located in the state of Colorado on 745 East Sixth Avenue. This company has six locations so far; the main one on sixth avenue. They offer flawless service. Your mother would definitely love this location.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

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