Top Cannabis Dispensaries Owned By Women
Top Marijuana Dispensaries Owned By Women. Shadows of women.

Top Cannabis Dispensaries Owned By Women

There has been quite a lot of talk about the kind of diversity that exist in the cannabis industry. There are some women who have taken a stance on marijuana legalization and have been making their mark in the industry by opening cannabis dispensaries and competing with other male-dominated business owners. However, these women have set themselves apart by become strong leaders and opening career paths for other females. With that being said, it is obvious that the gap is still not filled yet since this industry is still dominated by men. However, it should help to support these female leaders so that they too can make a difference. Below, you will find several cannabis dispensaries owned by women. Your support is welcomed.

3D Cannabis Centers

The 3D Cannabis Centers is located in the city of Denver and Salida in Colorado. It was founded and established by Toni Savage Fox. The Denver site was where the first recreational marijuana sales took place in January 2014. Since that time, this female owner has opened up another location in the city of Salida, using her popularity and influence to impact the cannabis industry and other owners of cannabis dispensaries. She has done so through such organizations like NCIA, NORML, Marijuana Policy Project and Women Grow; just to name a few.  Toni has made sure that her inventory is of the highest quality, going so far as to hire a full time engineer and scientist. Stop by her store if you live in the city of Denver or you are visiting. You will get a look inside her large hydroponic grow room.


If you live in the city of Chicago or you are visiting, you might want to check out MINDFUL, which is also one of top woman-owned cannabis dispensaries. The company is led and managed by Meg Sanders. This is a dispensary chain with about five different locations that sell both high quality medical and recreational cannabis.


Etain is also woman-owned and is one of the top cannabis dispensaries in the city of New York. There are also other locations within the state of New York.  Amy Peckham was spurred by the idea of opening a dispensary after her mom began to suffer from ALS and didn't have access to medical marijuana. And for that reason, Amy felt she had to do something for her mom and so she and her sister and daughter applied for a dispensary license among four other applicants and were the first ones to be approved. This became a family business from the beginning and now they have four locations in Syracuse, Albany, Kingston and Yonkers. Amy and her family are committed to providing consumers with consistently high quality medical cannabis.

Simply Pure

Located in the city of Denver, Colorado, Simply Pure is one of the top cannabis dispensaries owned by a black female. Wanda James owns Simply Pure and has been a pioneer of the cannabis industry for some time. In 2008, Wanda was one of the people that served on Obama's finance committee. Her husband is also co-owner of this dispensary. Both are advocates of legal recreational cannabis.

Canna West

One of the top cannabis dispensaries is Canna West, which is located in the city of Seattle, Washington. Maryam Mirnateghi is the owner of this dispensary, using her knowledge and experience to impact the medical cannabis industry. In 2011, she also founded and established a medical marijuana dispensary known as ‘Fusion.' Canna West was one of her dreams so she could offer both medical and recreational cannabis to consumers.  Maryam offers excellent prices on all of her marijuana products.


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