5 True Stories of Marijuana Consumption As An Opioid Solution

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These 5 true stories of marijuana consumption as an opioid solution showcase the great benefits of weed. In recent years, some truly believed that marijuana could be considered an exit drug, which means it would be a tool and resource used to assist people who were addicted to opioid. Others didn't believe that to be true and thought it was radical to even think that way. Well, the good news is that there are people with an opioid addiction that have used marijuana consumption to beat their addiction. Below are some of the stories.

Britt Carpenter

Britt Carpenter is 49 years old and from Philadelphia, PA. He runs a dog care company. He tells of being in a motor vehicle accident some fifteen years ago and broke his shoulder in more than one place. He did get therapy, but no surgery. The pain was ongoing and excruciating and so one of his friends gave him some pills, which was opioid. Britt became addicted to the drugs just so he could ease the pain.

For four years, Britt was a drug addict and he shares that it was years of hell and darkness that he had ever experienced. Like other addicts, Britt says he lied to everyone around him. He lost most of his friends and his job too. He had several episodes of overdose with the last one almost killing him. Doctors had to bring him back using Narcan. The next day, Britt quit his addiction cold turkey without going to a detox or rehab center. Instead, he threw all of his energy into his love for photography. Britt also volunteered at a homeless shelter and today, he boasts about being clean for almost two years. How did Britt get to go cold turkey? From his story, he switched to marijuana consumption, which helped him to get rid of the paranoia and the shakes. It also helped him improve his appetite, gaining forty pounds.

Laura Sharer

Laura Sharer lives in Wilmington, DE. She is a 35 year old mother of two. She was on opioids for years and then gave it up after becoming a medical marijuana patient who was suffering from fibromyalgia and PTSD. She was hooked on oxycodone for many years. Becoming a medical marijuana patient was a last ditch effort to quit her drug habit and be well again. She entered the medical cannabis program and got a cannabis card where she had access to marijuana for medical purposes. It was life changing for Laura. Instead of waking up with a migraine each morning, she woke up with an appetite.

Bernadette Scarduzio

Bernadette Scarduzio is 38 years old and from Drexel Hill, PA. She quit her habit of taking pain medication for her muscle and nerve deterioration disorder and instead started marijuana consumption. Before, Bernadette says that she had never thought of weed as a medicine until it was introduced to her. She thought like many others that pot was illegal. Someone told her to try marijuana consumption and stop taking the pain medication. She is glad now today that she did because it not only saved her life, but allowed her to live a quality life.

Michael Whiter

Michael Winter is from Philadelphia, PA. He worked in the military as a marine and suffered from PTSD. He discovered that marijuana consumption could be the solution to his opioid addiction. It was on the National Geographic channel that Michael saw a cannabis documentary that changed his life. He no longer takes medication. Marijuana consumption is the order of the day for Michael. It is the solution that made a difference.

Deb Guy

Deb Guy is a forty one year old from Lancaster, PA. She gave up on the idea of taking so many pain pills every day. Addicted to opioid, Deb finally discovered the benefits of marijuana consumption. She knew about weed as a teenager, but only as a recreational user. Until now, she hadn't known the therapeutic benefits. Now she no longer suffers from muscle spasms.

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