Best Marijuana Insurance Companies
Best Cannabis Insurance Companies. Weed leaf.

Best Marijuana Insurance Companies

If you know someone that is seeking the best marijuana insurance companies, you should read the entire article. It is important to know what to do when applying for the best marijuana insurance. You also should know which companies are the best and that is what we have done. We have compiled a list of the best marijuana insurance companies, but first let's look closely at the application process. The good thing about applying for any insurance is that these days, you only have to fill out a short form online to instantly see the insurance rates that you qualify for.

With marijuana still not fully accepted by some people in society and the fact that it is still considered a dangerous drug by the feds, many people might feel that is not easy to find a marijuana insurance company on your own. Let's dispel that myth and show you how easy it is to apply and the companies that you can actual contact.  You have to know which marijuana insurance company you should work with.

Choosing a Cannabis Insurance Carrier

Most marijuana insurance companies look at the medical condition of the patient before underwriting a case. For example, if you are a patient using marijuana to treat your migraines, every insurance carrier will ask a lot of questions about your symptoms and your condition. Be sure that during your application, you mention to the agent that you are a marijuana user. Be upfront about it. When your agent has enough information, it makes the process work in your favor instead of against you as long as you qualify.

Some insurance companies will rate you using a table rating system if you are a weed smoker or any smoker for that matter. For that reason, your rates may be higher than the non-smoker. That is just the given. But, be reminded that every person's situation is different and that is how the agent will review your case – on an individual basis. Let's get to the list now!

American General

American General is one of the marijuana insurance companies that handle social marijuana smokers, offering preferred premium rates. If you are a smoker that uses marijuana up to three times each year, you will obtain those preferred premium rates. If you use weed more often such as twice each month, you will receive the standard rates.

Principal National Insurance

If you want to qualify for the standard marijuana insurance rates, you have to be a non-smoker. However, Principal National Insurance will allow you to smoke weed up to twice per month once your lab tests are negative. You might think twice per month is not that much, but most insurance carriers don't give you that much time. Principal National Insurance will also consider applicants that consume edibles.

United of Omaha

If you are a frequent marijuana user, then United of Omaha is the marijuana insurance company that allows usage once each week to obtain the standard rates that non-smokers enjoy. United of Omaha has no preferred rates as yet.

Prudential Insurance

Prudential Insurance allows applicants to smoke weed three times each week to receive the standard rates. The company handles cases that are high risk, which is important especially for medical marijuana patients with a chronic health condition. Prudential is the marijuana insurance company that caters to avid smokers. You will usually get the best rates here.

Metlife Insurance

Metlife Insurance is the number one marijuana insurance company because it allows marijuana users to consume weed four times per week and still be able to receive the standard rates that non-smokers get. If you only consume weed once per week, it is possible that you could obtain the preferred rates. Metlife Insurance also has the Preferred Elite rates for people who consume edibles.

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