Top Ways To Be Productive After A Cannabis High

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People might assume that smoking weed shuts you down and makes you feel lazy and lethargic. However, that is not always the case. It all depends on the marijuana strain you choose to make your joint. It also depends on how much weed you consume.

Reaching a level of cannabis high can actual cause you to be more productive and more creative, staying motivated and high at the same time. Some people in society have a negative attitude about a cannabis high, but for the most part, that is changing since marijuana has been embraced as an alternative method of treatment for several medical conditions.

The Stigma

There is still a lot of stigma in society for someone who smokes weed and tries to be functional in work and school activities. And that is why some employers will initiate and administer drug tests periodically to avoid this. If you are consuming marijuana recreationally and medicinally, you may find it challenging not to be distracted during your cannabis high. With that being said, you could benefit from a few tips about ways that you can remain productive during that cannabis high.

Remain Organized

If you are unable to control your daily consumption of weed because you always have that cannabis high, it is essential that you stay organized at all times so you don't fall behind. Write down things that you need to do and get them done one by one. Choose the tasks that have the most priority. As soon as you are done organizing, then that is the time to get that cannabis high so you can relax.

Don't create a trap for yourself in being lazy, sitting on the sofa smoking weed and knowing you need to get organized. You could easily fall into a pattern that is not productive. You must have the willpower to take care of obligations first and then you follow with that cannabis high.

Level of Tolerance

How much smoking can you tolerate? Once you know how much weed you can tolerate, it will equip you with the information you need to understand your consumption level. Everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to smoking marijuana. You might want to use a variety of marijuana strains that are lower in THC to avoid the impact of heightened psychoactive effect. Know the strength of the strain before you consume it. And learn the dosage that you can tolerate as well.

Choosing the Right Strain

There are two primary cannabis strains to consider; namely indica and sativa. Most of these strains have a combination of powerful and strong hybrids. There is a wide range of hybrids that are prepared for use by different people. The best place to start is choosing a sativa dominant strain, especially when you want to feel energetic and uplifting as you enjoy that cannabis high.

The opposite is true for indica dominant strains, which will make you sleepy and lazy. In fact, most people use indica dominant strains to relieve stress and improve insomnia. So, you should consume an indica strain if you want to unwind and go to sleep. Use sativa strains if you want to go about your daily business being productive.

Diet and Exercise

Make sure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular exercise. These things are important to keep you productive after you have had that cannabis high. Over a period of time of smoking weed, you might feel quite exhausted. Exercise helps to improve and increase your metabolism, helping you to remain active. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet will help to boost the immune system and maintain balanced metabolic functions.

Taking a Break

If you do not consume marijuana for medical purposes, then think about taking sporadic breaks from smoking weed. It will help you to clear your head and reset the level of tolerance, making that cannabis high experience a little more rewarding and enjoyable.

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