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The first sign of cannabis addiction is not being able to go one day without smoking the perfect blunt or joint or consuming cannabis edibles. When you want to gauge your use of marijuana, it can be very difficult, especially if you use it to help you handle a stressful situation or to manage your daily routine. Some people wait until the end of their day to consume cannabis while others have to use it throughout the day.

When do you know that you are actually abusing a privilege that so many people do not have because they would be breaking the law? To be aware of cannabis addiction means that you have to look for those signs or know the signs involved. Below are several top signs of cannabis addiction. If you are able to identify any of these as issues for cannabis addiction, it might help you to try and amend your situation to one that is not so erratic.

Withdrawal and Tolerance

Like any other drugs, frequent use of marijuana may result in tolerating it. What does this mean? It means that you would need more and more marijuana in order for you to function and to achieve a similar high. Marijuana tolerance is built when you have a need for more and more cannabis to operate. For those having withdrawal symptoms and a tolerance for weed, then you may have cannabis addiction. Some of the withdrawal signs to look for: irritability, lack of appetite, anxiety or insomnia.

Heightened Use

If you increase the use of your marijuana consumption and did not intend to do so, you may be diagnosed with cannabis addiction. Sometimes, you may be in denial by smoking an entire joint when you meant to smoke a half. If you are on this same path every day or regularly, then this is a sign of cannabis addiction.

Inability to Stop

If you have an ability to stop consuming weed or even to just slow down, cannabis addiction is the diagnosis. This is true for any drug use when someone is trying o quit, but cannot. It is like an old habit that you want to stop, but it has gotten quite challenging.

Overly Using

If you spend most of the day getting high and not able to function normally or be productive, you can expect a diagnosis of cannabis addiction. In other words, if all you do is get high, then you need help. If you look forward to the start of the day just to get high, cannabis addiction is definitely something you should pay attention to.

Reduction in Normal Activities

If you do not fulfill a reasonable daily schedule, but want to sit around all day doing nothing, cannabis addiction is your problem. If you no longer keep appointments with your friends, but just want to be alone so you can smoke weed, it is time to look at the situation and make changes.

No Performance

If marijuana consumption at a heightened level is making you be a non-performer at work, your conduct could be ruining your chances for success on the job and in the home. If a supervisor has warned about your conduct and performance at home and you know that you are a heavy user of weed, it could be time to look into yourself and make the necessary changes. You may be sabotaging yourself, if you choose to do nothing.

Escaping Problems

If you find yourself using weed to escape problems, it won't work and it means cannabis addiction. It is better to deal with your daily issues rather than use something to wish that they would go away. Problems should be tackled with a clear mind and not one that is high. Cannabis addiction is normally not something that is discussed in the cannabis world, but if you use a substance excessively, it will definitely cause harm.

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