10 Juice Flavors That Will Change Your Vape Experience

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Let’s be honest, there is no better way to take in your favored amount of CBD than vaping. What if you found out that vaping can get better than it already is? CBD juice flavors are readily available, but choosing one that is appealing to the palette can be a little tricky.

The sheer variety of CBD juices makes it a tough decision because of which, people tend to stick to flavors they know, but that can get boring. Having said that, people have voted on the best flavors. The best of these have been condensed into the following:

The Top Picks

Actual users have voted for these flavors. There is no particular order of best to worst in this article. Each is popular in its circle. There is also no hierarchy based on pricing. The criteria here are purely based on the taste of the juices, which, we can all agree, are the most important criteria.

The most popular categories of vape juices are candy, desserts, fruit, menthol, and drinks. You can either go through the entire list to find an exciting new flavor, or you can pick the category that you like best and, hopefully, find a flavor that interests you.

Candy Flavored Juices

The fact that these flavors are so well-loved is proof that candy is a hit with adults just as much as it is with children. Candy is the best way to satisfy a nicotine craving while also pleasing your sweet tooth. According to users, the two best candy flavored CBD juices are Gummy Bear and Cotton Candy.

Gummy Bear

The sweet and sour taste of a chewy gummy bear can be translated to an equally delicious vape juice. Gummy bears are popular childhood candy. So it is only natural that those children, now grown-up, would like their products to taste like them.

Cotton Candy

Another childhood favorite, we don’t change much, do we? Just like the candy that it is named after, Cotton Candy flavored CBD juice will give you the same sweet taste without the feeling of having sugar stuck in your teeth. It’s the best of both worlds.

Dessert Juice Flavors

Essentially the more decadent sibling of candy, dessert flavors are just as popular with users. Imagine eating your favorite dessert and not taking in all the calories that it comes with. Sure, vape juices have calories but most definitely not as many as a rich cheesecake would. While the cheesecake mentioned above is also a fan favorite, the most beloved dessert flavors are:

Banana Nut Bread

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of desserts, when it does, it sounds delicious. They’re easy to make, something we have all attempted at some point, and probably something we have eaten as kids as a homemade dessert. If anything, that adds a level of comfort to the flavor—ideal for a nicotine break from a hectic day.

Cookies and Ice cream

The cookies and cream ice cream flavor in a vaporized form honestly sounds incredible. The creamy and chunky cookies and cream flavor is a well-balanced amount of sweet in its original form. That translates just right into CBD juice. Enough to make the mouth water.

Drink Juice Flavors

We have every reason to agree with the people who claim this to be their favorite. The most well-known ones are cocktail-flavored e-juices. A good cocktail and vape sound like a party. However, this feeling can be enjoyed even during your downtime, a complete win-win. The top 2 in the drinks category are Fruit Fusion and Black Mamba.

Fruit Fusion

This is a blend of strawberry and peach. You don’t need anybody to tell you why that sounds incredible. Everybody would love a drink like that, and anybody would love it in its vaporized form.

Black Mamba

Like the cocktail it is named after, this is a mix of blackberry, cranberry, and citrus flavors. Just as delicious as the drink, just as popular.


Menthol has a fan club of its own. People who like the taste are loyal to it. It’s fresh and tasty. So it is no mystery as to why it is as loved as it is.


Unlike other flavors mentioned here, Menthol flavors don’t reveal much in the name. Rip-tide is a blend of fruity flavors like strawberry and raspberry with a great kick of mint. It’s called rip-tide because it tastes like a beach vacation, something we all want.

Frozen Lime

Another fruit and mint mix. There isn’t anything else that sounds just as refreshing as this one does. Imagine citrus and minty smells filling your room. Awesome!

Fruit Juice Flavors

At first glance, it seems like fruit is out and out the favorite flavor of vape juice agreed upon by most people (considering how many other categories pair with this). Honestly, it is hard to argue with them, keeping in mind how well the sweetness and sourness (depending on the fruit) work with each other to produce some of the most refreshing tastes we know.

Not to mention, the smell is divine. Of all the adored fruit flavors, the ones that seem to be the most desired of them are watermelon and Cherry Lime


It is just as inviting as it sounds. The sweetness of the cherry mixed with the tangy lime and other citric flavor makes for a delightful vaping experience. What more needs to be said?


Mutually decided by everybody to be one of the most refreshing fruits out there, it is evident why the liquid form of the amazing fruit would be just as impressive. Again, enough said.


Many people see vaping as a luxury, but that does not mean you can’t indulge a little more in different flavors. Hopefully, this article helps in finding your next favorite flavor. Cheers!

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