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Years ago, no one would think that cannabis products would exist in Oregon in 2017. But today, the state is a walking and moving smoke fest that many recreational marijuana users simply love and never dreamed of. Let's just say there hasn't been a more ideal time to fall in love with cannabis as it is now in Oregon. And this is no exaggeration, if you are to think about the history of cannabis.

Now, you can tell stories to your children about marijuana becoming culinary, casual, societal, cultural and progressive. Now, it has become rooted in history making and has benefited those with chronic illnesses. And the state of Oregon will have a stake in history. With that in mind, let's take a look at the top cannabis products in Oregon for 2017. We will also look at the companies including cannabis dispensaries that are a part of this phenomenon.

Nature’s Choice Alternative

The best marijuana dispensary that sells affordable cannabis products in Oregon is Nature's Choice Alternative. For only $4, you get amazing pre-rolled joints that are homemade. This price is something you can look for every Tuesday. You can also get an ounce of weed for only $150. The staff at Nature's Choice Alternative is friendly and will help you with your choice of cannabis products; from seeds to buds to pre-rolled joints. If you happen to be in town for weekend shopping, stop her first.

Tangie Biscotti by Prūf Cultivar

Located in Portland Oregon, Pruf Cultivar offers one of the best flower products in the state. Their cannabis products give you a soothing smoke with an high that helps to dissipate anxiety. The blend of marijuana strain is like magic.

Luminous Botanicals

Luminous Botanicals is located in Portland, Oregon and sells cannabis products such as concentrates, topical creams and edibles. One of the proprietary products is the “Meadow Blend,” which has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC blend. The company is family owned and the products are prepared without any synthetics, but organic ingredients.

WYLD Canna

Want to try the best edible products in Oregon, check out WYLD Canna. The company makes cannabis products that are mixed with citrus and white chocolate and cannabinioids. Their edibles are packaged in 10 pack boxes. You can also get it in single servings. These cannabis products don't stay on the shelf for long. They have proven to be a hit. Cost is only $5 each and comes in variation of flavors.

Rescue Rub – Peak Extracts

Located in Portland, Oregon, Peak Extracts offers a topical rub that is good for alleviating sore muscles. It is popular among athletes. The ‘Rescue Rub' offered by Peak Extracts is a blend of herbs and marijuana. When applied to the skin, it has a little tingle, but is safe to use. It is used by many acupuncture therapists in Oregon and great for massage.

Select CBD

Select CBD is located in Portland, Oregon and sells cannabis products, but especially the CBD pen that delivers a vapor packed with CBD. It comes in various flavors such as citrus, lavender and mint. It also has a calming effect to the user.


EVOLVD is located in Eugene, Oregon and is one of the companies that sell a wide range of cannabis products including accessories. It carries a pen and cartridge system that is leak proof. It is combined with a variety of marijuana strains and blended extracts. For those who use vape pens to smoke, this is one of the best cannabis products on the market.

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