Top Cannabis Products In Washington For 2017

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Top Marijuana Products In Washington For 2017. Bag with marijuana products.
Top Cannabis Products In Washington For 2017

From knowledgeable and skilled budtenders to boutique cannabis stores, edibles, concentrates and other cannabis products, you can expect to find what you need in the ‘Evergreen State' of Washington. If you live in the state of Washington and you are a recreational marijuana smoker or medical marijuana patient with any type of chronic illnesses, you will like this list of companies that sell cannabis products. Let's take a look.

Seattleā€™s Private Reserve

Located in Seattle, Washington, Seattle's Private Reserve stands out as the company that offers some quality marijuana strains. One of their strains is the Lemonder. It is known for its flavor that is filled with terpenes. There are also strains that are hybrid in nature such as OG Kush and super Lemon Haze, which is a sativa strain. Seattle's Private Reserve sells the best local marijuana strains.

Middlefork – Royal Tree

Located in Tacoma, Washington, Middlefork offered by Royal Tree is one of the best cannabis products on the market. This cannabis flower is dominant in THC and on a scale from 1 to 100 point, it falls into the 95 point category. The marijuana strain has an orange flavor and once exhaled, it has a pine smell. This strain stands out in every category as it relates to its cure, flavor, aroma and effects.

Strawberry Banana Honey Crystal – Oleum

Located in Auburn, Washington, Oleum has created one of the best cannabis products, but one specifically that is a concentrate called Strawberry Banana Honey Crystal. If you have never heard anything about Oleum ad nauseum, then you have not been getting the purest concentrate there is in town. This is a dab that is flavorful and goes through an amazing filtration process. This product hit the Washington cannabis market this year 2017.

Peppermint Patties by Goodship

Want to taste the best edibles, check out peppermint patties infused with cannabis. This is offered by Goodship located in Seattle, Washington. It is one of those new cannabis products in the marketplace. The product is filled with THC and wrapped in desirable packaging. It melts in your mouth upon contact with the tongue.

Fairwinds Cannabis

Faiwinds Cannabis, located in Vancouver, Washington offers one of the best cannabis products in topical creams. It comes in gel form and is said to help alleviate any type of skin problems. It works amazingly like magic. The aroma is similar to pure lemons.

Green Revolution

Located in Poulsbo, Washington, Green Revolution sells cannabis products that are recognizable and popular on the cannabis market. This tincture is water based with higher CBD levels than THC levels. In fact, there is 250 mg of CBD and only 50 mg of THC.

Scolari Glass

Located in Olalla, Washington, Scolari Glass sells the best in cannabis accessories. If you are looking for one of the quality glass brands in Washington, Sclorai Glass is the one. It is beautifully designed with tons of functionality and originality.

Taqueria Mi Pueblito

If you are into cannabis products that you can ingest and feel that intense high, then go for the chicken burrito infused with marijuana and offered by Taqueria Mi Pueblito located in the city of Walla Walla, Washington. If you love delicious burritos and you are a recreational marijuana user, you will love this massive burrito. It cost only $7, but is like an entire meal. Stop by Taqueria Mi Pueblito and have that large burrito. In fact, customers stop by and purchase a stash that they can take back home with them. The burritos are made of juicy chicken, sweet onions, avocados and melted cheese. Sounds sumptuous? It is!

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