Top Cannabis Packaging for Concentrates and Flowers
Top Marijuana Packaging on table for Concentrates and Flowers

Top Cannabis Packaging for Concentrates and Flowers

Good things do come in small packages. That is a true word and that is why we are recommending the top cannabis packaging for cannabis products made by a variety of companies in the cannabis industry, whether concentrates or flowers. There are a few cannabis companies that have gone ahead and taken advantage of this opportunity to showcase their unique packaging by using different color schemes, motifs, shapes and designs. These cannabis products are now getting popular on the market. Below is a list of some of the most favorites among consumers.  Most of these cannabis products are concentrates.

Jolly Bee

Jolly Bee is located in the states of Washington and Oregon. This company makes the cutest concentrate molds and the cannabis packaging is in boxes shaped like honeycomb. The concentrates are great to give the user a strong buzz like ‘little bees' in the brain. No pun intended

Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts is located in the state of California and the company was established several years ago by three surfers in San Diego. These surfers were passionate about getting quality cannabis products to the market and they were all into vintage designs. The cannabis packaging for their products consists of an encased package with gold oil on the wood and glass, serving as the encasement. This pays respect to the 1800s Gold Rush in the state of California.

Lola Lola

Located in the state of California, Lola Lola makes cannabis concentrates that are shaped like hearts. The cannabis packaging comes in a fragile glass jar with a wooden lid. When you open that lid, it is difficult not to smile. The contents of the box are colorful and captivating, easy on the eyes.

Dixie Elixirs

Located in the states of Nevada, Arizona, California and Colorado, the Dixie Elixirs company carries products with bright, amazing and fun cannabis packaging. Customers keep coming back for these colorful boxes and bottles. They have a product line called the “Dew Drops,” which boasts flashy cannabis packaging, hinting the potency of this tincture.

AYA by Sonoma Cannabis Company

In the state of California, you will find a Sonoma cannabis company called AYA. Their cannabis packaging is quite breathtaking and out of this world for its concentrates. You can expect the highest quality of products that many have come to enjoy.

In addition to concentrates, many people enjoy the benefits of the flower, which is popular among those who consume it. With new marijuana strains being added daily to the roster, companies are always trying to find ways to create attention-grabbing cannabis packaging. Let's look at the list of companies that fall into this category.

Honest Marijuana

Located in Colorado, Honest Marijuana is a company that packages its flower in nitrogen to preserve it and lock in its freshness. The cannabis packaging is well designed and tightly sealed with an extra plastic lid and pull tops to have a similar effect.

Vashon Velvet

Located in the state of Washington, Vashon Velvet has created its products to attract the attention of many recreational cannabis users. The cannabis packaging of this produce is decorated in floral wreath and a practical drawing of a buck with a black and white finish.

Gold Leaf Gardens

Also located in the state of Washington, the Gold Leaf Gardens carries a product that has a pre-rolled cannabis packaging that many users have come to admire. The glass bottle employs a quirky look.


Fortune is located in the state of Oregon and boasts a pre-rolled cannabis packaging that is mystical and magical. This company adds a creative twist to the packaging for its cannabis flower.

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