5 Top Signs for a Marijuana Break

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There are many reasons for taking a marijuana break, if you want to stop getting high for a while. If you are thinking about stepping away from smoking weed, but you don't know how to or you are feeling weird that your friends will laugh at your decision, then you might want to read further. If weed has been the thing you use to wind down or relax, it is going to be challenging to go on a marijuana break. However, it can be done. You will know when and if you should take that sabbatical. Let's take a look at the signs you should notice that tells you when the break is essential.


If you purchase weed one time, you might not find it expensive. However, if you are an avid recreational user, you may end up spending twelve times the amount. You may find yourself using the ATM card more than once per week. Yes, it is quite easy to spend money on a few grams of weed each week. If you consume edibles or concentrates, it could get even pricier. Weed prices are different in each state that has legalized marijuana. Check the cost and make a decision for a marijuana break so you can save more money.

Priorities Neglected

If recreational smoking or consumption is taking over other important responsibilities, it is time for a marijuana break. For example, before you started smoking pot, you may have been a fitness fanatic, going to the gym after work. But now, you find yourself eager to go home and smoke some weed and then pass out the rest of the night until the morning, getting nothing done. Or you might want to start a business, but have to write a business plan. You think that smoking some weed will give you more insight, but it doesn't. Instead, you get the munchies, eat and then go crash in front of the television for the rest of the night. Your priorities are being neglected and that is when you know you might need a marijuana break.

No Social Life

Weed smoking could interfere with your social life because it might make you want to stay indoors and not go out to socialize. However, if you neglect your friends, you might find yourself in a situation where they are needed. You don't want to wait until you need them to be social with them. So if you are choosing weed smoking over your friends, it might be time to scale back on the marijuana consumption and take a little break.

The Intense High

If you find yourself getting too high and not being able to complete simple task, you need a marijuana break for sure. This might mean you are doing a lot of sleeping when you should be finishing up a college project, for example. You may have good intentions of studying for an exam and after smoking some weed, you sit on the couch trying to keep your eyes open to glare at the book, but you eventually pass out and wake up surprised that you did. On the opposite end, you may be smoking too much of one marijuana strain and because of that, you are not feeling the effects anymore.

Feeling Guilty

If you are feeling especially guilty about the amount of weed you smoke each day or each week, you might want to consider a marijuana break. And on the other spectrum, you may have promised yourself a break, but never did and so now you feel like you will never be able to and of course, guilt sets in.

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