Update On Illnesses Caused By Vaporizer Use

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If you haven’t heard before, lately, there has been news across the nation that vaporizer use is making people ill. Yes, this is a true statement, but how much do we know about his and so we wanted to give you some information as well as update on illnesses caused by vaporizer use. The current president and his wife, Melania Trump are said to be joining the outrage related to vaporizer use and its impact on people’s health.

Both have demanded that public officials take action so that there will be fewer instances of death and illnesses. The Trumps have met with federal health specialists, but no definitive actions by the federal government have taken place since. However, the CDC has issued warnings and advisories as well as reports of some of the illnesses that have affected people who have indulged in vaporizer use.

The Suspicion

The state of Michigan has made some move to prohibit vaporizer use and the sale of the flavored e-cig. Other states and countries are following suit. Lawmakers have demanded that something be done such as recalling popular e-cig products. If all this news about vaporize use related to deaths or illnesses makes you queasy, it should. But, are you suspicious of the reason why this would happen? Many of us are suspicious and want to know more.

There were many reports of people being hospitalized for being ill after vaporizer use, but most of them were teenagers. There are more than 400 cases across the United States that are being investigated by health officials. The illnesses cannot be linked to any precise product because it involves products that use both nicotine and weed.

Patient Story

One patient said that the illness begun with a tickle in the throat and then the throat became irritated. After this, the person’s muscles became sore. She had loss of appetite, vomiting and coughing. The mucus from her cough became dark brown and so she knew that something was wrong and that is when she went to the emergency room where a chest x-ray was done.

She had to stay a week in the hospital for further tests such as tuberculosis, bacterial infection, viral infection and HIV. She had to take antibiotics for a whole month to get rid of her lung infection. Doctors are still puzzled about the cause of this severe medical condition. Even though, the doctors did ask her about her smoking habits, no one asked her about her cannabis consumption and she did not offer that information.

The Midwest

In the Midwest, there were 22 cases of patient hospitalization due to specific vaporizer use. Due to these incidents, vape product business owners and consumers were affected. Doctors were still not able to make a determination for lung distress in these patients. Most of the patients were young and while some vaped nicotine, there was others using THC cartridges.

The Update

Since the outbreak, there have been six deaths in the United States that are linked to vaporizer use of nicotine and cannabis. There are people who suffered from chronic respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and there were others with breathing problems. It is important to know that cannabis is safe on its own. It is clear to many cannabis advocates that there might be something found in the vape cartridges that resulted in these serious illnesses and death. It is certainly not the cannabis itself as opponents might believe.

The expert guess is that it could be Vitamin E acetate, which is also found in other certified marijuana products that have already passed regulatory tests. Therefore, state agencies have to take a closer look at this before clearing products that have Vitamin E acetate in them.


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