Most Popular THC Vape Pens

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Most Popular THC Vape Pens

If you are seeking an option to the harshness of smoking a joint, bong, Thai stick or blunt, you now have a solution and that is THC vape pens, which are becoming quite popular.  There are many people who are switching to this smoother way of consuming weed and we are about to give you some details on what to expect with THC vape pens. We have found some of the best ones that are currently on the market. You don't have to make the choice on your own or it will be months of trial and error. Let us begin.

Vaping Compared To Smoking

THC vape pens were produced first as electronic cigarettes or the e-cigarettes. This was first done to help people who were addicted to tobacco. The electronic cigarettes were a way to help these people quit nicotine consumption.

It was not long after the introduction of e-cigarettes did the market add THC vape pens as a solution to cannabis consumers that did not like the harshness, which came with smoking a joint. So, manufactures started to make the THC vape pens by just modifying the e-cigarettes so that they could handle wax, THC liquid and bud.

The market embraced this new phenomenon of vaporizing so people could have more options. It is better to use the process of vaporizing tha smoking because the temperature is reduced  and this alters the cannabinoids from solid or liquid; converting it into gas. The temperature reduction preserves all the active ingredients found in the marijuana.

The Temperature

Cannabinoids can be changed easily into a gas as long as the temperature is lower. When the heat is higher, it tends to destroy most of the cannabinoids that you want to get into your system. That is how the THC vape pens were introduced to take care of that issue.

These products operate at a reduced temperature in comparison to the electronic cigarettes. Instead of smoke, the THC vape pens emit vapor using the vaporization process. For this reason, you get a lot out of the vaporization process, which means that the cannabinoids do not burn out.

You really get the most out of the process. And you don't have to contend with any bulky and heavy bongs or additional tools. The only thing you need is the THC vape pen and your favorite bud, wax or liquid. The next thing to consider is which THC vape pens you will choose from to suit your needs.

Popular THC Vape Pens

Some of the most popular THC vape pens include one from the Aurora Company known as “Dr. Dabber.” It is sleek and has a matte finish. It is black in color and has a few essential features such as several atomizers, which is the element that vaporizes the weed. The Dr. Dabber  also has two ceramic rods and a heater.

Then there is one from Dank Fung Extracts known as the “Executive.” It is gold plated and has a neat design, easy to use, durable and has an amazing atomizer. Not everyone might like this one, but its look is appealing. The “DL” is one of the THC vape pens that have a low cost at $50. It is truly easy to use because of its simple design. You can take it anywhere you go because of its small size. One of most powerful THC vape pens is the “Source Orb 3” because of its seven varying atomizers. It has a bulbous mouthpiece similar to the hookah. So, you can look good getting high.

Final Thoughts on the Most Popular THC Vape Pens

You should choose THC vape pens that are right for your particular taste and needs. You can make your choice depending on whether you are using dry bud or liquid wax or oil. There are options based on versatility, durability, price, and portability.

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