Top Marijuana Myths Hard To Dispel

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There are so many dogged misconceptions, myths and distortions of the truth as it relates to the history of marijuana consumption. We have addressed some of the top ones in this article and you would be amazed and what people think about weed and how misguided so many of them are. Let's dig in.

One of the most ridiculous marijuana myths so far (which seems very hard to dispel) is the fact that holding in the smoke after you have hit a bong or joint will make you higher. That is so far from the real truth and we must call it out for what it is. You can hold in the smoke alright, but it won't make a difference as to the outcome of whether you get higher or not.

The potency of the strain is what determines the high. Also be aware that the lungs gets high of the active elements found in inhaled smoke and it does so instantly so you can finally breathe more easy and not have to feel as if your breath is about to stop. You should also be aware that the longer you hold the smoke in, the more it will hurt your lungs and be harmful as well. It is better off to exhale the smoke or you might find yourself coughing a lot due to the irritation that it causes.

Storing Vaporizer Cartridges

This is one of the marijuana myths that are also hard to dispel. No matter which vaporizer cartridge you are using, they are made in such a way as to hold the oil until you are ready to use them again. Whether you lay it flat or hang it upside down, the oil will never leak out and your cartridges will stand the test of time. As long as you properly maintain them, you should be fine. So, there is no truth to this myth.

High Level THC Potency

Many people think that the higher the level of THC potency, the stronger the buzz that they will get. Remember that CBD is one of the components of cannabinoids and so is THC. There are some strains that have high levels of CBD and high levels of THC. CBD reduces the level of potency; depending on how much is contained in the particular marijuana strain. Another component or element in the cannabinoids is the terpenes and this can steer the effect of a particular marijuana strain as well. In other words, there has to be a balance to make the determination of weed intoxication.

The Difference

CBD is extracted as an isolate and as a whole plant. If you isolate or extract CBD from hemp or the marijuana plant, you will get the same results. If you use a whole plant, however, it is entirely different. The United States consider a plant that has less than .03 percent of THC to be in the hemp category.  When whole plant marijuana extraction takes place, it might have more active components in comparison to the hemp plants. For those looking for an entourage effect, it is best to consider the whole plant extraction done in the United States.

Indica versus Sativa

One of the many marijuana myths is the fact that indica strains make you feel sleepy and sativa strains tend to energize you. In many cases, this is true, but not in all cases. There are some instances where both indica and sativa strains are bred with other strains to make hybrid strains. It all depends on the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids in the particular cannabis strain. If you are ever unsure about this, it is best to lower you dosage so you don't overdo the effect.

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