The Best Marijuana Experience and How to Find It

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Many people are now able to access legal marijuana and so many of them are having the best marijuana experience that they have had before. With such an access, there are more opportunities and options. It can be quite confusing to go through the vast array of cannabis products, strains and consumption techniques on the legal marijuana market today. You won't have one decision to make, but many as it relates to your marijuana experience. Everyone is going to have their own unique choice. You can narrow down the choices so you can differentiate which ones will give you the best marijuana experience. Below are some helpful tips and hints to determine the type of marijuana strain, consumption method and product that will be the best for your marijuana experience.

The Concerns

Prior to asking anyone questions for aid in personalizing your marijuana experience, you should first ask yourself a few initial questions, using it as a selection tool. Conduct this exercise so you can restrict your opens to a smaller choice of consumption methods, cannabis products and strains.

The first consideration is to determine the level of your experience with cannabis. If you are a first time recreational marijuana user, think about choosing how you will consume the weed. For example, if you were to dab cannabis concentrate that had a high level of THC and you were to do so using a large rig, then that would not be the preferred method for someone who was a beginner.

Rather, if you are a newcomer to smoking weed, you should begin with cannabis edibles that have a low dose of THC or you could choose a marijuana strain with more CBD and use it to roll a joint. If your marijuana experience means that you have smoked or consumed weed with a high THC level, you may prefer cannabis concentrates. Does your preference depend on not smoking combusted marijuana or do you have to consider things like dietary limitations? This type of thinking can affect the cannabis delivery method that is chosen.

The Consideration

If you are concerned about your lung health or the odor that comes from smoking weed, you may want to stay away from rolled joints, pipes and bongs. You could consider using a vaporizer instead. If you are concerned about added calories or you have allergies to certain foods, you should stay away from cannabis edibles and choose topical creams or flowers instead. Another consideration is where you will be when enjoying the marijuana experience. Try to do so in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In so doing, you will be able to relax and you will have the opportunity to be more discreet.

Consult a Budtender

If you live in an area where there is a local and legal marijuana dispensary, it would be good to go and speak to the budtender, asking questions about consumption methods and different marijuana strains. In most cases, the budtender is knowledgeable enough to assist you to have a better marijuana experience. Make sure you write down all the things you want to know before you visit your local marijuana dispensary.

The Head Shop

You may not be privy to a marijuana dispensary in your area or if there is one, they may not have the cannabis product that you want. The next best thing is a head shop. Most head shops have products related to tobacco or weed. You might find a water pipe in a head shop and not find it in a dispensary. Head shops have products that provide different delivery methods such as pipes, grinders, papers, and vaporizers.

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