Best Ways To Come Down Off A Marijuana High

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If you smoke weed, there are times when you will have incredible marijuana high that is not easy to come down from. Being high is one of the most common experiences you can have when smoking weed. This is especially true when you are smoking a marijuana strain with a high level of THC content. You might never have smoked this strain before and so, this may be new marijuana high that you are experiencing. Nothing is wrong with that.

You just need to find ways to come down off your marijuana high instead of letting your feelings get the better of you. You don't have to stay with the feeling of feeling like the floor is caving in on you an about to swallow you up.

We have put together some really cool and proven remedies for reducing your marijuana high when you get to the stage where it becomes a discomfort for you. Let's take a look at the ways that you can sober up.

Smoking Cessation

Once you start smoking and get to the point where you feel that marijuana high, which you cannot control, then it would be the ideal time to stop smoking. You don't have to smoke the entire joint to feel good. Don't be too greedy. And more importantly, you can put the blunt, bong or joint down and go back to it once the marijuana high is no longer an issue.


CBD or cannabidiol is known for counteracting the effects that THC brings on, especially when it is very potent. Fortunately for you, CBD does not have any huge side effects on its own. And, the CBD will get you back down from your marijuana high in no time. So, it is good to keep some CBD oil at home so you can reach for it in these types of emergencies.

Go To Sleep

The idea of going to sleep off your marijuana high should be one of the best decisions for you. It is an amazing and proven remedy that has been tried and never let anyone down. While you sleep, your body will release the hormones that cleanse your system and provide the solution to your marijuana high. In addition, you will be snoozing anyway and so you wouldn't have to deal with this issue. It is recommended that you take a thirty minute nap as long as you are able to manage it. If you sleep much longer, you might wake up feeling groggy. Set your alarm for thirty minutes.

Get Exercise

Physical exercise can help you get down from your marijuana high. It gets the blood pumping and after a lot of sweating, the feeling will subside. Exercise helps to release endorphins, which subsequently reduces anxiety, stress and pain. It releases the THC from your system. You don't have to do rigorous exercise. You can go for a walk, hike or on an exercise machine for thirty minutes.  

Drink Water

Water is the best solution to coming down from a marijuana high and lots of water could make the difference. Refrain from drinking alcohol because it will only make matters worse. The water will flush out the terpenes and cannabinoids from your system and prevent you from feeling like you have a hangover. You can substitute water with cranberry juice, orange juice or a sports beverage that preserves the electrolytes found in your bloodstream.

Eat Food

Most people have the munchies when they are on their marijuana high. This is the perfect solution to coming down from the high and back to reality or your normal self. Eat a hamburger or sandwich. The food combines with the cannabinoid so that they metabolize more quickly. When food is in your stomach, it pulls the blood from the brain and in so doing, it reduces the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Final Thoughts

Other things that you can do to come down from that marijuana high are to take a hot shower, which increases the flow of blood to the blood and removing the cannabinoids and combine it with cold water to reduce your heart rate. You should also stay in the company of friends who might be able to bring you back to normalcy with sensible conversation. Black pepper is known to be the proven remedy for helping someone come down from their cannabis high. Eating lemon is also another remedy. Focus keenly on your breathing so you can help the blood circulate, which will eventually move the cannabinoids from your system.

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