Simple Steps to Trimming Weed

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Here are some simple steps to trimming weed and getting it right each time.

It might seem like trimming weed is a daunting task. However, according to professionals, it is not as difficult as it is said to be. In fact, trimming weed is really very simple and we have written this article to show you the simple steps required to do a good job at trimming weed.

It is important to trim your weed so you can enjoy the highest level of potency. You can even utilize the remains of the trimming to make creams, edibles and other cannabis products.  Let us now look at the reason why it is essential to trim your weed.

The Essentials of Trimming Weed

It is essential to trim weed while you are going through the harvesting process. Why? Well, it lowers the harshness of the completed product. In comparison to the buds, the leaves have more chlorophyll. And for that reason, acidity to the throat might be the result, especially when the temperature hits the leaves. So, it is important to get rid of the leaves so the buds can be much easier to smoke and also smoother to smoke. When you trim your weed, it helps to boost the THC concentration. By nature, leaves have lower trichome concentration. If the marijuana leaves are on the bud, you will find fewer trichomes and lower THC in the product as a result. This will definitely affect the level of potency, the smoking experience and the flavor.

Prior to Beginning

Before you start trimming weed, it is best to gather all the supplies such as pruning shears, pruning snips, rubber gloves, cookie sheets or trays, and for cleaning up, you would need rubbing alcohol, and a rag. Prior to beginning, it is suggested that you put the pot plant in standing position for a bit. Use this opportunity, to cut off each branch so you can practice the trimming process before going all into handling the entire harvest. Make sure your trimming area is set up properly. Choose an area where you have sufficient space. You could use the kitchen table in your home or a work table in your back yard.

Stay Entertained

Trimming weed can be a boring and tedious process and so if you love music, make sure you have your boom box playing to keep you occupied and entertained. If you have a coffee table large enough to do this, you could sit in front of your television and watch your favorite shows while you undergo the trimming procedure. You can consider a folding table that you might use for playing cards. It is important to make sure it is large enough to spread out your tools for trimming. If you have no table, just go ahead and sit on your floor as long as you are comfortable.

Ventilation is Important

When you trim weed, bear in mind that it can be quite smelly and so the aroma is going to be potent. And so, make sure the area in which you are working has proper ventilation. For that reason, you might want to consider an exhaust fan or you could open one window. These steps are optional, but it is for your own good.

Wear Gloves

Trimming weed is a sticky situation and so it is essential that you wear gloves. The resin on the weed will get all over your hands and table. If you want to avoid washing your hands frequently, then it is best to wear a pair of disposable gloves; preferably latex. If you have no gloves, then you are going to need a lot of rubbing alcohol to get the sticky stuff off your hands.

Now you can trim weed like a pro! Good luck with your cannabis trimming methods.

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