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What are some of the top Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries?

People living in Massachusetts voted for the legalization of adult-use or recreational marijuana in the 2016 election. Medical marijuana was already legal in the state prior to the election. In this Bay State, recreational marijuana is now legal, but sales of recreational cannabis is not allowed yet.

The task for State legislators now is to create a framework and guideline for cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts so they can start the sales of recreational cannabis. Cities like Boston are already selling medical cannabis dispensaries, but even though recreational cannabis is legal, sales have not begun. Medical cannabis dispensaries are now already in  operation. However, recreational marijuana dispensaries are not expected to open until 2018, which is not very far away.

Let's now see which are the top cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts that will be selling both recreational and medical cannabis.

Alternative Therapies Group

Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) is located on 50 Grove Street, Salem in the state of Massachusetts. The dispensary welcomes walk-ins and is opened on Mondays to Saturdays from 9AM to 4:45PM, but is closed on Sundays. In 2015, this was the first dispensary that started to serve registered medical cannabis patients. You can expect great customer service and a safe environment to shop.

Ermont, Inc.

Ermont, Inc is located on 216 Ricciuti Drive. Quincy, MA. The company also welcomes walk-ins. They are opened on Mondays from 3PM to 8PM and Tuesdays to Sundays from 10AM to 7PM. This is a non-profit organization founded by residents in their commitment to the expansion of medical marijuana so patients can be properly serviced. All cannabis products and marijuana plants are locally grown and produced by experts in the cannabis industry. The staff has years of combined experience in the industry and are proud to offer quality products. Patients receive hands-on attention and are adequately informed.

Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies is located on 697 Washington Street, Newton, MA. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries that requires an appointment. It is opened Monday to Saturday from 10Am to 8PM. The company specializes in helping patients with chronic ailments using medical marijuana in order to give them an improved quality of life. Garden Remedies has a mission of providing safe and convenient access to quality medical cannabis for the advancement of good health. You have to register for the first appointment on their website where trained staff will contact you. New patients are offered 20% discount on their first purchase.

New England Treatment Access (NETA)

New England Treatment Access (NETA) is located on160 Washington Street Brookline, Massachusetts. They do welcome walk-ins. It is opened seven days per week, Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 6:45PM and on Sundays from noon to 445Pm. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts that is passionate about advocacy. The company consists of industry leaders, experienced professionals and philanthropists. They have a wide range of cannabis products available including edibles, topicals, strains and vaporizers.

Patriot Care

Patriot Care is located on 21 Milk Street Boston, Massachusetts. They do welcome walk-ins. This is one of the dispensaries that is opened from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 6PM, on Saturday from 11AM to 6PM and on Sunday from 11AM to 3PM. The company provides quality medical cannabis products and services for eligible patients. The goal of the company is to eliminate pain and suffering in patients through medical cannabis. Patriot Care is proud of their high quality service and products. They also offer home delivery in the Boston location. More importantly, home delivery offers flexibility and convenience that you may never find at other cannabis dispensaries in the state of Massachusetts.

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