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Let's look at some hot destinations for cannabis enthusiasts. In times past, there were many people who loved to sit comfortable and enjoy smoking their weed. This was especially so while they were on vacation. Most of these cannabis enthusiasts want to have different options. For that reason, so many people use to flock to places like Amsterdam because it is known as cannabis haven.

Today, there are more places that cannabis enthusiasts can put on their list of places that are friendly toward weed. In fact a lot of countries and states have invested in canna-tourism and making considerable revenue from it. Cannabis legalization and decriminalization is also become popular. The industry is growing fast and cannabis enthusiasts are pleased about their options. We have compiled a list of hot destinations for cannabis enthusiasts. Put them on your private list of places for your next vacation.

U.S. Virgin Islands

For those who live in the United States, the Virgin Islands is part of the country and so Americans do not need a passport to go enjoy the beaches. The Virgin Islands offer a place to relax and be comfortable. Cannabis enthusiasts can feel good about going to this particular destination for their vacation. The island does have some legal restrictions and regulations to cannabis. However, it has been decriminalized.

This does mean that visitors and residents are able to possess as much as a once of weed and not have to far being imprisoned. If you are caught having more than the amount allowed, of course, that won’t be detrimental to your vacation. However, you have to use it responsibly so that you don’t break the law or cause yourself any problems. If you are one of the cannabis enthusiasts that loves to travel, then you should definitely look at accommodates and locations that are friendly toward week. In so doing, you will be able to kick back and enjoy your vacation.


When you are searching for hot destinations as one of the cannabis enthusiasts, it is best to find vacation spots that allow weed smoking. One such location is Cambodia. This is a safe place, even when other countries in this part of the world do not embrace weed.

However, bear in mind that weed is not legal in Cambodia. Nevertheless, this country allows cannabis enthusiasts to openly smoke weed, make edibles and use medical marijuana. In fact, Happy Herb Pizza is where you can buy pizza infused with weed and they use different marijuana strains on their pie as topping. If you want to go on a tropical Asian vacation, Cambodia is the destination where you are able to go to the ancient temples, enjoy the vibrant markets and hike your way through the jungle to enjoy the amazing views while you have a smoke!


Many cannabis enthusiasts go to Uruguay because it has already fully legalized weed. It is a great location for cannabis tourism. The country has become a rival of Amsterdam, which is a country that ha s along history of embracing cannabis tourism. One of the assets of Uruguay for the cannabis enthusiasts is its historical sites, sandy beaches and stunning landscapes.

This is definitely a good choice also, if you love to smoke weed openly. People who live in the country can purchase weed, grow it and freely use it. Tourists cannot purchase it themselves, but a resident can do so for them. You can find anyone in the airport or hotel to buy it for you. Or even better, there are several Bud and Breakfast accommodations where the host will provide everything you need to have a wonderful stay and that includes weed.

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