Compare Top Marijuana Schools
Compare Top Cannabis Schools. Cannabis Plant outdoors.

Compare Top Marijuana Schools

Compare Top Marijuana Schools:

Cannabis Training University
*Best Overall Value & Best Cannabis College Winner
Price for all certifications $247 (on sale at times for less)
Over 200 (100 just recently added New and Updated) HD Cannabis Instructional Videos
50 Cannabis Ebooks
Ed Rosenthal Master Grower
First online cannabis college (2009)
Most recognized certifications in the industry in both USA, Canada, and Worldwide
Most students gone in to work in cannabis industry
Most graduates worldwide
Chat Support 7 Days a week
Member of National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
Includes an entire year of access for lowest price in industry
Actual video learning, not all text based slides
Includes access to Ed Rosenthal's latest ebooks, works on all devices, even mobile phones

Compare marijuana schools before making your choice. Choosing a cannabis college can be daunting with the recent proliferation of marijuana schools. Look closely at the year the cannabis college was formed, and most importantly the amount of information included, as well as the acceptance of the certifications in cannabis businesses.

Cannabis seminars are generally short, 1 or 2 days, and can only supply a limited amount of information within that time.

Cannabis Training University is the only online cannabis college that has real video instruction at grow facilities and extraction facilities. All other online marijuana schools are comprised of text on slides that are clicked through and cheaply made. CTU is the only online marijuana school that invests in the production cost of their program.

Cannabis Training University is also the most recognized certification by cannabis employers and most affordable cannabis school. Cannabis Training University is by far the best marijuana school when it comes to learning how to grow cannabis, learning how to start a cannabis business, learning how to cook with cannabis, learning how to do cannabis extractions, getting a job in the marijuana industry, and all aspects of the cannabis business. Cannabis Training University just added new videos to its already industry-leading program, now with more than 50 cannabis videos, and more than 40 downloadable cannabis ebooks.

The recently added new cannabis videos include amazing information on how to grow cannabis both indoors and out, how to do cannabis extractions, how to get a budtender job and examples of the knowledge that the best budtenders possess, and medical marijuana information from a leading Colorado cannabis doctor.

The new videos go inside some of Colorado's best cannabis grows, both indoors and out, and get inside tips from the growers who are producing some of the cannabis industry's best gardens. CTU's new videos also go inside for rare looks at cannabis extraction labs from leading cannabis extraction technicians.

These new videos are full of information that cannot be found anywhere on the web including sites like Youtube or others, and more than solidify Cannabis Training University as the leader in the cannabis college space. CTU also works on mobile devices and is the only online cannabis college that can be taken from cell phones. The cannabis training program at CTU is light years beyond all other cannabis training providers and at a bargain price so more people from around the world can enjoy the education from CTU.

Cannabis career and cannabis business training programs can be fun and a great way to start a new marijuana job or cannabis business.

We have seen some marijuana schools offer month to month payment plans. But unfortunately the ones we have seen offering such payment plans cannot be recommended due to their cheaply made formats with text slides. In addition, to really learn all about the cannabis plant, cannabis history, cannabis careers, cannabis jobs, cannabis extractions, cannabis as a medicine, cannabis business plans, cannabis business operations, and more, it requires more than 1 month or a few months of time, and in fact is best to allow as much time as possible to retain and actually fully learn from the program.

Compare cannabis colleges and you will see a large difference in price, education, time included, acceptance of certificates within the industry, number of students who went on to a cannabis career, student support, and convenience of access to materials. CTU gives the most information for the lowest price and is highly recommended for anyone looking to start a cannabis career or cannabis business. For further Cannabis Training University reviews click here.

Cannabis Training University was the first online marijuana school. CTU has had the most graduates of all the cannabis schools online by far, and has had the most students go on to a cannabis career. CTU also has the most student support, the most access time included with the price (entire year), the most education included (more then all other marijuana schools), actual video (not boring and cheap slides like the other online cannabis schools), and the lowest cost.  CTU also has the greatest social media following of all the marijuana schools by an incredible margin.

CTU has more than 1.4 million facebook followers, more than 3 million youtube views, more than 100,000 Twitter followers, over 70,000 Instagram followers, over 67,000 Pinterest followers and 4 million page views on Pinterest, making it the largest Pinterest page in the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Reports recommends:

Cannabis Training University 

Issues we found with other cannabis college programs:

-not recognized by employers

-too expensive

-not enough content

-poor user experience

We hope this helps you find the best pot school, and leads to a cannabis job or the beginning of your own cannabis business sometime soon!

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