Top Mistakes Marijuana Dispensaries Make At Social Media

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Many cannabis business owners that own marijuana dispensaries are truly missing out on the chance to scale their growth potential in the cannabis industry. They are far from knowing how to reach their targeted customers and how to reduce advertising costs. Social media messaging is important to their bottom line, but many don't know how to get started. It is time for marijuana dispensary owners to utilize social media in an effort to reveal the benefits of marijuana and to improve the company's brand. The benefits of social media cannot be underestimated.

The Benefits

Marijuana dispensaries and their owners that use the power of social media are able to reap the real benefits that it offers. It comes with so many valuable perks, but especially the fact that social media affords business owner a chance to connect with the right audience. Most of these customers use social media and so, this is a great way to reach them.

Meeting customers online does help to build that relationship upfront. The Internet and social media is also an advocate for the industry and the company's brand. With social media, owners of marijuana dispensaries have less advertising costs and more targeted advertising. After learning the benefits, let's now look at the top mistakes owners of marijuana dispensaries made as it relates to social media.

Absence of Social Media

Many cannabis business owners are not enjoying the benefits of social media because of their absence from social media. With advanced technology, owners of marijuana dispensaries should get on board, if they want to succeed in business. If they want to reach the right audience, then it is essential to create a Facebook business page, linking it to the company's website. This will begin the customer building process.

Regular Posting

The business owners that do have social media accounts might not be actively posting to the page on a regular basis. Without frequent posting, companies won't be able to stay in touch with the potential customers and this isn't any way to build a business relationship. For example, if a new prospective signs up as a follower on your social media page and sees that you haven't made a post in two weeks, what conclusion do you think they are going to draw? It is not going to be a good look for the company. Moreover, fresh posts will result in better ratings in the search engines. Just make sure that your posts have strategic keywords that customers are using to search for you.

Promotional Content

Many owners of marijuana dispensaries make the mistake of posting only promotional content. This can be a turn off. No follower wants to always see sales material. Your content should be interactive and informative, not only regarding cannabis products, but also things like industry updates and interviews from experts of the industry. Instead of promotional content, you could post:

  • Pictures of the staff
  • Humorous memes
  • New cannabis strains
  • Industry conferences and events
  • Tips on marijuana bud preservation

Branding Inconsistencies

Some owners of marijuana dispensaries do err as it relates to being consistent with company branding. In other words, everything should be consistent to the company's brand including the logo, company name and imagery.

Pay Attention to Customers

Another mistake that owners of marijuana dispensaries make is ignoring existing customers and potential customers. If a customer sends a message or makes a post with a question, it should be immediately addressed and not ignored. Your social media page should be a place where potential customers can receive exceptional service, setting the precedence for the same thing once they become real customers.

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