Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

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Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Los Angeles. Los Angeles written in graffiti.
Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

Medical marijuana dispensaries are a dime a dozen in the city of Los Angeles. For goodness sake, it is weed that we are talking about and not just weed, but legalized weed. If you find yourself in pain one night, you should have a viable solution and that is what medical cannabis and marijuana dispensaries offer to medical cannabis patients in Los Angeles and across the state of California. But, wait, one minute! Not only are these marijuana dispensaries open for business. Many of them on our list offer freebies too!

Purpolisitic Meds

This establishment is located in El Serono. You will find a wide range of cannabis products to select from and each day, there are numerous discounted deals. All medical cannabis patients are offered a free bottle of water as they wait in the well-kept lobby. Puropolistic Meds also gives patients a free gram of marijuana, if they sign up for donations on Tuesdays. If you donate $30 on a Wednesday, you get to spin the prize wheel. If you donate on Fridays, you get a free edible product. The first 25 cannabis patients will get a free gram of shatter on Saturdays. With a Sunday donation, you get a joint for free. With any amount of donation, you will receive a joint for free as long as you are a new patient.

Zen Healing

Zen Healing is located in West Hollywood and this cannabis dispensary opened in 2003. You can expect to find adequate parking when you go there. Sunday has become customer appreciation day for patients who are unable to afford their prescription. Military discount is offered. This is one of the marijuana dispensaries that carry a wide selection of cannabis products such as edibles, topical creams, beverages, vapes and cooking aids. On Sundays, patients receive free pre-rolled joints. First time patients receive a goodie bag. If you give a referral, you get a free gram of marijuana. If you purchase three eights of a gram of marijuana at Zen Healing, you will receive a fourth one for free.


Westchester is one of those medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles that carries more than forty cannabis strains, which have been lab tested. This includes a good amount of sativa strains and hybrid strains, in addition to edibles and other cannabis products. You can expect to see this shop organized and clean. The sativa products are highly suggested. If you are a first time patient, you will receive up to seven grams of marijuana products at $10 per gram. If you give a $30 donation to Westchester, you will receive two grams of their top shelf combination of different cannabis strains.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is one of those small marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. This retail weed shop can be very busy. But, if you don't mind waiting for a few minutes, you will be waited on by a friendly employee, helping you to select from a variety of edibles, cannabis strains, vaporizers or other cannabis products. If you are a first time cannabis patient, you will receive a free joint and free edible. There are also daily specials, which include two grams of cannabis, if you give a donation of $20.

King Kush Collective

King Kush Collective is one of the largest marijuana dispensaries in South Los Angeles. It has a friendly setting and more than seventy cannabis strains in their inventory. It is not unusual to find cannabis ice cream in their edible section. They also carry customized cookie sandwiches. They are open as late as 1AM during the week and 1:30AM on weekends. First time patients will receive a gift bag and text messages on huge deals.

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