Top Reasons Marijuana Is Good For PMS Relief

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If you are a woman, you must be aware of, experienced or know of someone that needs PMS relief due to the symptoms of menstruation. Not every woman has the same symptoms. Some women might feel tired, irritated, cramped, stressed, emotional, and uncomfortable. It goes without saying that these women dread that time of the month when they have to deal with it all over again.  There are many women who have found the answer for the pain and discomfort. The answer is marijuana and I bet you did not know this!

Breast Pain

For many years, marijuana has been helping women with PMS relief. There are several reasons why marijuana is the solution for PMS relief. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways that cannabis helps women with PMS. First, it relieves the breast pain that some women feel while having their periods. The tenderness in the breast is caused by progesterone production increase. The milk ducts begin to expand resulting in:

  • Soreness of the breast
  • Tight feelings in the breast
  • Burning sensation in the breast

There are some women that feel severe pain, such that they cannot wear a bra or get involved with any heavy physical activity. Cannabis has proven to be the natural solution to this. A cannabis rub or ointment can reduce the swelling.

Menstrual Cramps

Yes, marijuana is also good for PMS relief symptoms such as menstrual cramps that affect a lot more women than could be imagined. Whoopi Goldberg has seen the need for a cannabis solution and has created her own marijuana products specifically for this. Since taking Whoopi's products, many women have indicated its positive results. Cramps are so bad for some women, so much; they cannot even get out of bed during their menstrual cycle. PMS relief is the only way that women can function.

Eliminating Headaches

During a menstrual cycle, some women suffer from chronic and painful headaches. A woman's estrogen level is reduced during menstruation, resulting in the headaches. To eliminate headaches and get the PMS relief you need, marijuana products could be the ideal solution.

Irritating Gastrointestinal Issues

If you have digestive issues during menstruation, you are not alone. It happens to some women due to hormone fluctuation and the chemicals that are released in the body during menstruation. PMS relief comes from certain cannabis products. In so doing, women will be able to alleviate abdominal pain, calm contractions, and improve digestion.

Attack Acne

Younger women will suffer from an attack of acne on the face during their menstrual cycle. The level of estrogen drops and levels of progesterone increases causing the onset of facial breakouts. CBD or cannabidiol might be the precise solution for potential treatment. It has a therapeutic agent that can be used to treat acne.

Improves Sleep

During menstruation, lack of sleep may be a factor. Marijuana is helpful in promoting sleep in women who are seeking PMS relief so they can stop tossing and turning in their beds. With cannabis treatment, sleep will be improved and women can now wake up refreshed the next morning. Even more important, cannabis provides relief to anyone with insomnia because of its THC level.

Improve Mood

One of the other ways to get PMS relief for a balanced mood is to consider cannabis as a solution. During a woman's period, she may feel cranky and irritable due to hormone imbalance. A woman may find herself crying for no reason, for example. Cannabis will stabilize and improve the mood, reducing emotional fluctuations and helping the woman to cope. The use of marijuana along with a healthy lifestyle is the recipe for PMS relief.

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