17 Great Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oklahoma
17 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Oklahoma

17 Great Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oklahoma

Let’s take a look at the top 17 dispensaries in Oklahoma for 2020.

Are you an Oklahoma resident? Excited about the recent explosion of cannabis dispensaries throughout Oklahoma but having a hard time deciding which of them to shop at?

Do you want 17 great medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma with good reviews, a huge variety of marijuana products, and knowledgeable staff?

Let’s take a look at the top 17 dispensaries in Oklahoma for 2020 and get shopping at the right shops in this crowded space. 

  1. Likewise-OKC Medical Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Oklahoma.

Likewise is a cannabis experience for anyone looking for an Oklahoma dispensary. Many products to choose from including some amazing cannabis edibles. Now serving many cities in Oklahoma. 

  1. STRAIIN-Medical Marijuana Dispensary OKC

If you’re looking for some knowledgeable budtenders make a visit to Straiin dispensary for some cannabis enthusiasts behind the counters. 

  1. CBD Wellness Of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary

With more than 200 products to choose from you can’t go wrong at CBD Wellness of Oklahoma. 

  1. Gaia's Favor Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Go to Gaia’s Favor Medical Marijuana Dispensary for cannabis concentrates, CBD products, cannabis pipes, marijuana grinders, vape pens and more!

  1. The Joint Cannabis Club Medical Marijuana Dispensary OKC

Go to The Joint Cannabis Club Medical Marijuana Dispensary OKC if you are looking for cannabis concentrates, cannabis flowers, CBD, and delicious cannabis edibles. 

  1. The Greens of Central Oklahoma – Medical Cannabis Dispensary

A Premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The Greens has a wide-selection of Marijuana Flower, Cannabis Concentrates, Cannabis Edibles, Marijuana Topicals, Cannabis Pre-Rolls, and Accessories.

  1. Fire Leaf – Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensary in South OKC

Check out Fire Leaf dispensary if you are in the mood for some nice cannabis flowers, tasty edibles, or concentrates. 

  1. Urban Wellness Dispensary

Very good budtenders, low prices on cannabis products. Highly recommended by local customers.

  1. CBD Plus USA – CBD and Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A great Oklahoma dispensary with tinctures, topicals, breathable, flowers, cannabis capsules and delicious edibles. 

  1. Trichomes Dispensary (OKC)

Trichomes Dispensary was the first dispensary in Oklahoma City. They have some great cannabis tinctures and CBD products. Plus a bunch of different types of weed. 

  1. Green Bud Wellness Of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Check out Green Bud Wellness if you are looking for some awesome weed! Great tinctures. Over 200 cannabis products. Lots of goodies to choose from. 

  1. Nature's Cure Dispensary

Nature’s Cure Dispensary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is known for their great Budtenders and high selection of amazing cannabis products. We especially love their varieties of strains. 

  1. The Hot Box Dispensary

The Hot Box Dispensary in Oklahoma City is a family-owned business and they keep their pricing low for many to afford. Cannabis Reports enjoyed their cannabis concentrate selection. 

  1. ElectraLeaf Cannabis Dispensary

Check out ElectraLeaf Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma City for some tasty cannabis treats, potent marijuana flowers, and some knowledgeable Budtenders for some cannabis education. 

  1. Get Bak’d-Medical Marijuana Dispensary Edmond

We enjoyed some nice marijuana buds at Get Bak’d Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Edmond. Nice staff. Good tinctures. Concentrates. Good times.

  1. 46 Releaf Dispensary

Make a stop at 46 Releaf Dispensary in Oklahoma City if you have a chance. Nice staff, great products, excellent pricing. One of Oklahoma’s best dispensaries. 

  1. Root 66 Dispensary

Root 66 Dispensary may be a ride from Oklahoma City, but it’s worth it. Make your way out to El Reno for some tasty buds and fine cannabis concentrates.

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