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If you don't know about the dabbing process, when you finish reading this article, you will be more informed. One of the ideal things that many recreational users have come to find out is best ways to taste dab. It has a sensational taste, but may not be for everyone.

Dab is a tiny dose of marijuana concentrate and dabbing is the process to which dab is made. The process involves putting a dose of marijuana concentrate on a heated dab nail, after which you would inhale it to reach that high. The dab nail looks like a water pipe attachment.

Tiny Rig

If you wanted to reach a certain flavor during your session of inhaling the dab, it is best to choose a dab rig that has a tiny chamber and joint size. Generally, the dab rig should be as small as possible to improve the flavor. It traps the flavor and saves it or you would say, it preserves the dab taste. It also regulates the air flow. This helps the user to have a longer inhale in one breath.

It is suggested that you use an oil right that has minimum diffusion since it maximizes the competence and minimizes the compression of the oil inside the dab rig. When the joints are smaller, they also provide sustained and smoother inhalation in comparison to the chugging that the user might experience as a large dab rig is cleared.

Adding the Quartz Insert or Quartz Nail

Your dab nail is crucial to the dabbing procedure, allowing for one of the best ways to taste dab. The process heats up the dab nail with the use of a coil or torch. The torch material is usually made of quartz, titanium or ceramic. Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is recommended that you use quartz since it improves the flavor. It could be either a quartz insert or quartz nail. What is most important is that you use a surface that is quartz.

The Temperature

Your temperature when you are dabbing should be low and consistent. This is true if you are seeking the maximum flavor each time you carry out the dabbing process. It would be better to ue an electric nail instead of a torch, if you want to manage and maintain the desired flavor.

When you use the e-nail or electric nail, it also heats the surface where the dabbing process takes place, but you are able to manage its temperature in a specific manner; thereby allowing you to perfect the desired temperature. Set your temperature between 550-650┬░Fahrenheit. That is where the sweet spot seems to be.

Refined Concentrate

Your next step to taste dab that is of the highest quality would be to use refined concentrate. If you are going to ingest concentrate from solvent, then you should make sure that the oil has no contaminate, residue from the solvent or plant matter.

It would be better to use live resin instead. Extracts without the use of solvent tend to give an enhanced flavor because it preserves the terpenes. The reason could be the fact that it consists of heads of isolated glandular trichome, which have a lot of terpenes in them.

Final Thoughts

One of the ideal ways to taste dab without the high presence of THC would be to dab CBD. This is an effective way as it relates to dab consumption. If you are not privy to cannabis concentrate for your dabbing process, you can make it for yourself using rosin. This can be done safely from your home. You should give this a try soon!

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