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Best Dabbing Rules To Know. Shatter being held up.
Top Dabbing Rules To Know

Here are some of the top dabbing rules to know.

Dabbing rules require that you use several tools. In most cases, it can become quite intense, especially from an outsider's viewpoint. This article will help you to become aware of the cardinal dabbing rules that you should be aware of. Generally, even if you happened to be experienced with dabbing and you have never used a dab nail, dab rig or any kind of hash in the past, it is best to ask before you act. For example, some dab rigs come with a variety of moving parts and in most cases, almost every electric dab nail you can think of  has varying temperatures, which means that you have to be extra careful. Titanium and quartz dab nails will usually cool and heat at a variety of rates. If you are going to purchase your first dab rig, it is recommended that you read more about dabbing rules.

Serving up the Weed Stash

You should be aware of the potency and especially the quality of your weed stash first before you even consider dabbing. Given the fact that there is a wide variety in concentrate prices, consistencies and types of dabbing, it would be beneficial for you be focused as you go through the process, especially when helping others to get their dabbing rules in order. If you are using someone else's weed stash, it is important for you to allow them to carry out the steps on their own while you oversee them. If they prefer that you do it while they watch, then by all means, do so.

The Concentrate

You should also know the kind of cannabis concentrate you are using when carrying out your dabbing procedure. Not all cannabis concentrates are the same. For example, hash that has no solvent is generally pressed out prior to the dabbing procedure. Oils that are solvent based will generally be used in their current state during the dabbing procedure. Depending on the method of extraction, the size of the portion and the dabbing temperature will tend to fluctuate from one level to the next. Were you aware that you can carry out your own dabbing process at home? Yes, but you just have to follow the basic dabbing rules for your own safety and a better marijuana experience.

Using a Dab or Rig Mat

Be careful not to break the dab rig as most times, these things can be quite expensive. It is best that you put it on a rig mat to protect the glass. The rig mat is padded and soft so it will keep the rig from slipping as you carry out the dab process. In addition, you should be extra careful if you are using someone else's rig mat. If you ware working with cannabis concentrates use a rig mat that is made of silicone as it carries with it the benefits of being able to work better on non-stick surface.

Nail Temperature

Be sure to heat the dab nail and not the dab rig. Use a small torch and not an electric dab nail, if you are dabbing from home. You will still be able to work on a hot surface with the torch. Be sure that the flame is concentrated on the dab nail's surface without allowing it to touch the dab rig. You don't want to cause damage since dab rigs tend to be costly. If you constantly heat and cool the glass, it could result in having broken joints.

Final Summary

There are other dabbing rules such as not touching the nail, setting the timer, not leaving the vapor inside the tube, cleaning the dabber after using it, clean the nail after using it and continue to keep the rig in clean condition.

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Table of Contents

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